The many reasons why Chesca Kramer loves birthday girl Scarlett

Dedicates post to her second child and daughter

"Happy Birthday to you, my lovey, my Dollett! I am so proud to call you my baby girl! I love you for who you are," mom Chesca Kramer posted on her personal Instagram account.

Cheka Kramer with birthday girl Scarlett

She followed her lengthy post with the many reasons why she loves her second daughter, Scarlett Louvelle who turns 11 years old today, Nov. 29. "I love how you put your heart into everything you do, I love how creative you are, how good you are around the house, how motherly you can get, you are caring and thoughtful, you're hardworking, and best of all, the simple things in life make you happiest."

Chesca continued to share more about the birthday girl, "You're an old soul, with wise words, a deep thinker. Nothing escapes you, Scarlett. If only I could share some of the things we talk about... But I know you like to keep things private."

"You're like a treasure. You're not easy to find, you have to go through a whole lot of adventure to get there. But once you find that precious treasure chest, you'll see what you've been searching for was worth all the test. A box filled with the rarest and most beautiful of jewels awaits. An abundance of many beautiful things to enjoy once found," she continues.

She ends the post with this greeting, "Happy Birthday, Scarlett Louvelle! You're a reminder of God's favor and love! Today, I celebrate that even more with you!"