FASHION PULIS: Unexpectedly expecting

The plot thickens. When Female Celebrity (FC) took time off, speculations abounded. As usual, a third party was being blamed for FC’s getting out of the limelight. However, FC has been known to rest from her career and focus on her non-showbiz endeavors and family. Besides, no one from her party ever bothers to validate rumors.

This time, the grapevine is buzzing, especially coming from FC’s detractors. The grapevine claims FC and Entrepreneur Husband (EH) are not 100% well. Something is amiss in their relationship. As predicted, EH allegedly fooled around and broke their marital vow of remaining faithful. The alleged indiscretion shocked many, as he was very vocal about his commitment and love for FC.

The woman that is now dragged into the picture as the cause of tension is an Inactive Actress (IA). IA has been missing in showbiz projects but her presence is felt in social media. IA is now single and thus, free to be with anyone she chooses. Unfortunately, the one who gave her the shoulder to cry on is a married man. IA and EH are friends and run in the same circles. Thus, their closeness is no longer surprising.

Consequently, EH is pinpointed to be responsible for IA’s alleged interesting stage. Will their relationship be revealed? Showbiz will surely be rocked if the passing months reveal IA to be a single mom. Meanwhile, FC has remained silent and obviously opted to shed herself from social media warriors.  

‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing / and rightdoing there is a field. / I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass / the world is too full to talk about.’ ― Rumi

New issue

Here’s another rumor moving around the social circles. While things are turning into complex conundrums worsened by social media noise, Stoic Personality (SP) has allegedly found something that balances the external turmoil. SP is currently controversial for family matters that have become a media feast. Public relations and damage control can only do so much.

SP is rumored to be in a relationship with a Non-showbiz Businessperson (NB). SP and NB move in the same arena, as their business dealings do come to a meeting point. Besides, the two seem to have common interests as well.

The rumor is that NB is in the interesting stage courtesy of SP. As they are not kids, nothing is wrong as the two are credible adults. However, there is a hitch, as technically, SP is still married, while NB’s marital status has been questioned lately.

Of course, no one is making a fuss about this development and things seem to be quiet at this point of their relationship. If the story is confirmed, the situation will definitely be another twist in the lives of SP and others whose lives have intersected his.

‘No relationship is ever a waste of time. If it didn't bring you what you want, it taught you what you don't want.’ — Unknown

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