Korea, PH partner in crime prevention and solution programs

Published November 24, 2022, 2:57 PM

by Jaleen Ramos

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea vowed to work with the Philippine National Police (PNP) to preserve safety, security, and peace in the Philippines at the Quarterly Joint Consultative Meeting held last Nov. 22.


During the meeting, PNP noted that its three programs, namely Enhanced Managing Police Operations (EMPO), Utilization of Technology, and adoption of various systems including the National Police Clearance system, and the Human Resource Development Activities, all contributed to the considerable downturn in crime statistics and the upward trend in crime solution.

These programs were strongly supported by the Korean government through Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

Korea supported the PNP’s EMPO through “Enhancing Criminal Investigation Capability of the PNP,” a 6.6 million USD project, where a total of 130 police vehicles, 142 motorcycles, and 120 forensic investigation kits were distributed to local and regional police units in Metro Manila, Davao, Cebu, Angeles, and Baguio.

This project helped in the reduction of the crime occurrence rate; enhanced the mobility of the police force; and increased police capability to respond to crimes, in investigative planning and administration, and in digital forensic evidence analysis.

At least 370 PNP officers also joined multiple capacity-building programs in various fields, including forensic investigation, cyber investigation, violent crimes, and vehicle mobility management in the said project.

Korea bared that it is planning to provide technical assistance to implement the PNP’s digital initiatives to integrate the existing digital programs with linkage to the PNP National Police Clearance System.

The KOICA and PNP are also set to launch the second project titled “Establishment of Criminal Investigation Data Management and Analysis System of the PNP.”

Through this 7 million USD project, the PNP’s capacity to prepare data-based countermeasures against crimes, secure consistency, integrity of crime data, and establish human rights-friendly policies for crime investigation will be strengthened.


Moreover, Korea also shared its knowledge and expertise with the PNP through KOICA’s capacity-building programs in the field of crime prevention and solution which backs the PNP’s Human Resources Development Activities.

KOICA said it will consult with the PNP to provide capacity-building workshops in multiple fields, including a training course titled “Capacity building for traffic management implementation and safety transportation environment for Philippine National Police in the Republic of the Philippines(2024-2026)”.

Police Gen. Rodolfo S Azurin, Jr. welcomed KOICA Assistant Director Shon Jeong-mee and the agency’s technical delegation on Nov. 23.

The embassy, meanwhile, said it is looking forward to working closely with the PNP to ensure the effective implementation of the second digital project.

The Korean government also said it is hoping that the partnership between Korea and the Philippines in the field of crime prevention and solution will prevent the repeat of tragic cases such as those of Ji Ick Joo.

Jee, a South Korean businessman, was kidnapped by two policemen and later found dead on October 18, 2016 inside the PNP Camp Crame. Trials are still ongoing for almost six years now.

Korea also believes that the partnership will also contribute to creating a safer business and tourism environment in the Philippines.