10 fake NBI agents face illegal detention, attempted robbery raps

Ten men posing as National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents were arrested for serious illegal detention and attempted robbery charges filed by a resident of the exclusive Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa on Nov. 22.

Brig. Gen. Kirby John Kraft, Southern Police District (SPD), said the 10 suspects are also facing charges of usurpation of authority and trespass to dwelling.

Entrance to the Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa (Google Maps)

The arrested suspects were identified as David Tan Liao, 46, travel agency agent; Fritz Ian Petil Cafino, 33, and Ronaldo Cadalena Zuniega, 33, both utility personnel of Long-Shang Travel Agency; Andy Ko Sy, 50 driver and translator; Erlindo Cuago Auditor, 48, tricycle driver; Roderick Segundo Ensano, 48, taxi driver; Bienvinido Biolango Vildad Jr., 47, driver; Ernesto Solamillo Baay, 45, driver; Roberto Daradar Pacis, 65, messenger; and Jonathan Caliwag Salud, 46, immigration officer.

The police are looking for Jose Romel Herbolingo Congreso, 50, and four other unidentified suspects.

According to the police, the detention and attempted robbery happened at about 9 a.m. inside the village.

The suspects, who were on board two vehicles, entered the Madrigal Gate of Ayala Alabang Village. They informed the village guards that they would be visiting friends residing on Maria Cristina Street.

Once inside the village, suspects went to the house of victim Weijian Pan, 33, a Chinese businessman, at Country Club Drive.

Introducing themselves as NBI agents, the suspects allegedly threatened Erick Cai, 19, a Chinese interpreter, and forcibly opened the gate.

After entering the house, suspect Liao approached the victim and demanded P40 million in exchange for his liberty. The suspects detained the victim until 7 p.m.

Another victim, Juvanie Baterna Lapinig, 30, Pan’s personal driver, was able to call the village security guards and asked for help. The security guards immediately responded to the call leading to the arrest of the suspects.

Kraft thanked the security guards for their prompt response and arrest of the suspects.

“Suspects were presented for inquest proceedings before the City Prosecutor’s Office of Muntinlupa,” said Kraft.