FASHION PULIS: Rekindling the romance

Will love be lovelier the second time around? The answer to the question is the theme of the latest intrigue involving Showbiz Figure (SF). After suffering several disappointments in her love life, SF is rumored to be moving on with a Non-showbiz Personality (NP).

Upon joining the entertainment industry, much of SF’s life has been under the scrutiny of the public, fans and kibitzers alike. Every time SF stepped out into the open with a new man, the assumption was that she had found a new love interest. Fans cheered, while her prophets of doom marked the timespan. Despite the bad notions, SF somehow proved her detractors wrong as her relationships lasted longer than what was predicted.

Sometime ago, SF and NP were an item. Both came from reputable families, and thus, their relationship then was going on without a hitch. However, SF and NP needed to grow in their careers and time became their enemy. They parted to pursue their dreams.

Now, time has become their friend. According to the grapevine, SF and NP reconnected. Because they were friends early on, rekindling a relationship proved easy. SF found NP as someone who listened to her angst and issues. At this point, the two have matured and emerged from experiences that made them stronger.

Back to the question, love could indeed be sweeter the second time around.  

‘You don't really heal from the wounds of sour love until you find something sweeter. − Marilyn Maluki

The new man

While Pretty Actress (PA) is making waves in her illustrious career, rumors of a new relationship continue to hound her. First, PA was linked to Dashing Entrepreneur (DE) and kibitzers insisted something was going on. PA and DE were often seen together in various places and gatherings. Being single, DE seemed to be thought of as looking for love and PA was the supposed target.
Nonetheless, PA and DE have remained quiet. ‘They are merely friends’ was the typical response of those who are within their circle. After all, PA has a career to grow and DE has to prove he can handle his growing endeavor.

Although the rumor between PA and DE persists, another angle is being said by watchers. Others think DE was just a smokescreen for the supposed person showing interest in PA. Interested Person (IP) is more often seen with PA in hotels and travels overseas. Thus, the closeness is interpreted as PA’s way of behaving and enjoying life like a single person.

As PA is still young, time will always be the revealer of the real person making her heart beat.

‘I find very often people like to confront rumors. It depends on how much they trust you. And you have to have a line between what is tasteful and what isn’t.’ – Barbara Walters

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