FASHION PULIS: Depth of acceptance

Fans noticed that after showy social media posts professing their love for each other, Youthful Boyfriend (YB) and Praised Actress (PA) have drastically lessened their presence. The lack of photos showing YB and PA together subsequently led to speculations that they are no longer together. However, such is not the case. YB and PA are still in a relationship despite secrets unveiled.

Allegedly, YB proposed to PA but the outcome was unexpected. PA turned down the proposal and said the time was not yet right for them to settle down. YB apparently had personal issues he needed to resolve. PA found out YB was in a secret relationship that led to a lovechild. The Hidden Girlfriend (HG) and the child were living nearby. However, YB chose PA and left HG before making the unsuccessful proposal.

Meanwhile, rumors have hounded the couple about infidelity on both sides. While YB had HG, PA allegedly caused the breakup of another young couple. The said young couple comprised two sought-after performers in entertainment. Both grew up in the industry, which made their fans think their relationship was a match. Unfortunately, PA had a one-night stand with the male party and when that came out, cheating was unacceptable to the female party.

Despite the unfaithfulness issues, YB and PA are working out their relationship. Besides, YB is still much acknowledged as PA’s partner and gets invited to her showbiz-related functions.

‘Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.’ ― Ann Landers

Reputation prevails

Celebrities who stay long in the entertainment industry often attribute their longevity to the reputation they have built during those years. While others can be thought of as notorious, most last because of their kindness towards co-workers in front and behind the cameras. In addition, the way they treat their family and address personal issues matter.

With a good reputation, any dirt thrown at such a celebrity will only be brushed off. Fans only see what they want when defending their idol. Unless irrefutable proof of demeanor is presented, a celebrity with a good reputation will always be on the pedestal. Thus, for Screen Hunk (SH), he will always be touted as a family man with a solid marriage.

Over the years, separation rumors have been denied by SH. Given that his wife has kept her silence, no one has dared to challenge SH when he says his family is his priority. No alleged mistress has come out in the open to dispute SH. The recent rumor these days is that SH’s alleged non-marital escapade involves a Close Staff (CS). SH and CS are seen together because they work in the same arena and the latter ensures SH is treated properly. Still, kibitzers think something romantic is happening between the two.

‘The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.’ − Socrates

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