Alice Dixson claps back at trolls

Alice Dixson issued a reaction after fans posted negative comments on her recent post -- a photo of her and her partner hiding their faces behind a straw hat.

Apparently, some netizens deemed the post repulsive.

Some of the comments:

"ohh please no need to pose if you doesn't want to show your partner OA hmmmp."

"Why post and hide? You want privacy , then don’t post, like , those VIP’S , unless there’s a reason to hide. Who cares, anyway."

"Bagay lng cguro sa teeners ang suspense, lapit na sa senior citizenship di n bagay."

Then again, there are some who defended Alice.

One said, "Its her life an its her IG and its none of your business if she choose to post it that way.."

Another added, "Who the hell limits people’s postings and happiness in life? Only the ignorants and idiots would think this little."

Alice herself simply wrote: "1st star I see tonight… wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. My wish is mag meditate ang mga haters para mabawasan ang mega negativity sa (world)."