Martin Del Rosario apologizes for Halloween costume

Martin Del Rosario was quick to beg for fan's forgiveness after they expressed displeasure over him dressing up as American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween.

In an Instagram story, Martin said he "sincerely apologizes" for his action.

“I did not intend to create buzz for my personal gain nor exude that attitude of indifference towards the victims of the character I wore," he explained.

According to him, his intention was to celebrate Halloween in a "simple costume" during an "intimate party with family."

"If I have hurt anybody or have become insensitive, I sincerely apologize," he reiterated. "Please trust that it was nothing intentional. It was just for the spirit of Halloween. Happy All Saints Day!"

Netflix recently released "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" where Evan Peters plays Jeffrey Dahmer.