'Lamayan ng Bayan', anyone? Cong Duterte gives public funeral home to Davao village

The office of Congressman Paolo Duterte has turned over a public funeral home--a "Lamayan ng Bayan"--to Barangay Talomo in Davao City.

Rodrigo Duterte II (right most), son of Davao City 1st district Rep. Paolo Duterte, leads the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Oct. 3, 2022 (KAMM Media Network)

The Lamayan ng Bayan will be the first funeral home to offer an accessible venue to Davao City residents who cannot afford decent funeral services for their departed loved ones.

Cong. Duterte, who represents the city's 1st district, sent his son, Rodrigo Duterte II to attend the turnover ceremony for the facility at Talomo's Barangay Hall Satellite Office in Royal Valley, Bangkal.

Aside from the public funeral home, the elder Duterte's office also turned over to the same barangay a spanking new gymnasium, again for the benefit of the public.

The gym is envisioned to hold crowd gatherings, assemblies, and other activities of the barangay as well as other local government agencies.

Duterte II said he was glad to be part of the turnover of the Lamayan ng Bayan and the gym through the efforts of his father and the Davao's 1st district congressional staff. The district office also donated 10 tents to the barangay.

After cutting the ribbon at the Barangay Hall Satellite Office, Duterte II and Cong. Duterte's staff headed to the main office of Barangay Talomo proper, located along Talomo Road, to attend the formal program.

In his speech, Barangay Captain Bendor Calamba thanked Cong. Duterte and the entire district staff for all their programs and projects, saying these have already helped a lot of people.

The district office vowed to turn over similar facilities to other areas in Davao City in the future.

Cong. Duterte is the son of former President Rodrigo Duterte.