FASHION PULIS: Disappointing family man

Although celebrities would reason out with ‘I’m just human,’ their behavior in public is always under scrutiny. Celebrities are expected to behave as role models given that their actions are sometimes imitated by viewers. Besides, celebrities who are good role models earn plus points, especially among parents who know their kids idolize certain actors who display commendable behavior in public.

Such perception remains consistent regardless of a celebrity’s popularity. For instance, Versatile Talent (VT) has been in the business for a while but has yet to be given a lead or major role. Despite playing support, VT’s staying power is strong. He remains visible in many shows across channels. Thus, his face is easily recognized.

Some time ago, VT was seen in a public place enjoying his company. He was having a lot of fun. Other patrons started to notice that VT was not in his usual self. Onlookers were shocked with his antics. VT apparently was flirting with a female guest. Moreover, he looked wasted. Such behavior was disappointing as VT is supposed to be a family man and his celebrity wife works very hard to maintain their lifestyle and marriage.  

‘Allow yourself to think only those thoughts that match your principles and can bear the bright light of day. Day by day, your choices, your thoughts, your actions fashion the person you become. Your integrity determines your destiny.’ ― Heraclitus

Backfiring attitude

The social circle is abuzz with an incident that happened overseas. Female Tourist (FT) and a Family Member (FM) were offended at the rude behavior of a Male Tourist (MT).

MT was on vacation with family. They were in a queue for their ride. MT became impatient as the line was moving too slowly. He thought the people who were first in line were not moving fast. MT shouted ‘Hurry up!’ loud enough to be heard by people in the area. When FT and FM turned around to see where the impatience came from, MT was stunned. FT and FM are members of the country’s prominent social circle. Both are respected in their fields and FT is well-known internationally. Too late, MT’s crass attitude already caused embarrassment.  

Turns out MT is some sort of celebrity himself, being a public servant. His action irritated FT and FM that they relayed the incident to their social circles. Not content with that, FT sought out MT’s higher ups and complained about the attitude of their co-political figure. The higher ups were very disappointed in MT’s attitude.

Later on, MT was seen getting chummy with Political Scion (PS) in a party of politicians. PS was shocked when he received a message telling him he should not be partying with trash. PS has connections with social circles and FM as well.

Although MT attempted to reach out to the FT and FM, they opted to ignore and stay away from him. MT was too disrespectful and brazen to act that way even if he was not in his turf.

‘More often than not, we’re not mindful or prudent of what we say until we already hurt or offended someone. And the sad part of it, we don’t always own or take responsibility for our insensitivity, and that's tragic.’ ― Danny Castillones Sillada

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