Cetaphil, Watsons partner to open the Skin Moisture Hub

Fresh from last month’s successful National Healthy Skin Mission, an advocacy that aims to inculcate proper skincare to all Filipinos, Cetaphil and Watsons continue to work together by bringing consumers another means to learn more about taking good care of their skin.

Cetaphil and Watsons Group (Left to Right): Aimee Pernia, Raghu Sadashiva, Jade Ponoc, Jeff Go, Carlo Ulep, Janice Bainto

Hydration and moisturization
Whether it is caused by an underlying skin condition, environmental factors, or aging, having dry skin can be uncomfortable; it can feel tight or rough and sometimes even itchy.

“At Galderma, innovation is the cornerstone of our commitment to advancing dermatology. The company is capable of creating, developing, and bringing to market truly innovative dermatological solutions for the needs of consumers and patients. The question this time is, how can we tell if our skin needs moisturization or if it needs hydration? As we know, these are two distinct skin care needs. Many products labeled as moisturizers contain hydrating ingredients in addition to moisturizing emollients and occlusives. Each type of ingredient offers different benefits. Skincare products have a combination of all three usually. The aim is to deepen consumers’ knowledge of these through board-certified dermatologists. This type of initiative and many others we have done so far would not have been possible without our partnership with the trusted healthcare professionals who use and prescribe our products. These experts also make important contributions to our innovation through product and procedure development. Also, in the types of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, panthenol, avocado oil, and many others, there is some overlap in the type of skin they benefit from. Ultimately, a dermatologist can sort this out and tell people if their skin requires more moisture, hydration, or both. These professionals can also provide suggestions for specific products that address these needs.” explains Galderma Consumer Business Unit Head, Jade Silva-netto Ponoc.

Hydration refers to keeping the skin with a good amount of water through humectants that help attract water to the skin. Hyaluronic acid is one of those ingredients that let your skin absorb water. Moisturization means locking in moisture by keeping the skin’s barrier intact. “Emollients are better since they contain not only water but also fatty lipids, which are the sources of our natural moisturizing factor (NMF), and ceramides which our skin cells secrete normally and are needed to keep our normal skin barrier intact,” explains Dr. Peachy Lao, immediate past president of the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS).

Cetaphil Skin Moisture Hub Opening with Board-Certified Dermatologists

Everyone can achieve both by using the right products with the help of a PDS-certified Dermatologist. Just keep in mind that there are many forms of moisturizers to choose from: creams, lotions, and gels. Dr. Lao adds, “It also depends on the condition of the skin, the age of the patient, the presence or absence of any skin condition, and even the weather.”

As for babies, contrary to popular belief, a baby’s skin also needs to get moisturized. “Since their skin is thinner compared to adults, there are products specifically for them. Do not use an adult moisturizer for a baby. Their skin has its own needs,” reminds Dr. Lao.

Watsons’ Chief Operating Officer Jeff Go and Galderma’s Business Unit Head Jade  Ponoc  with  Philippine  Dermatological Society  (PDS)  Immediate  Past  President  Dr. Peachy Lao

Why do we skip moisturization?
Everyone needs to moisturize and hydrate, but Group Manager of Watsons Aimee Pernia reveals that our tropical climate here in the Philippines prevents most from applying another layer of moisturizing protection. “We live in a country where it is hot almost all year round. There is so much pollution, too. It has been the culture of the Filipinos to take a bath every day. And since the weather is almost always hot and we sweat, moisturization is left out of their daily schedule,” chimes Dr. Lao.

Specifically formulated to provide effective skincare for various skin types and conditions, Cetaphil has become one of the top skincare brands recommended by dermatologists and other healthcare professionals worldwide. Invented in 1947 by a pioneering pharmacist in Texas, the first product—“Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion“ that's known today as Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanse—was quickly recognized for its gentle cleansing power. It hydrates while cleansing the skin. Today Cetaphil is known, not only for the cleansers but also through its line of moisturizers that contain superior ingredients offering real solution to various skin conditions. Clinically proven to bind water to the skin and prevent moisture loss. Quick absorption and long-lasting hydration of the outer-most layer of the skin are just a few of the exciting benefits of this line," addsJade Ponoc.

Working together
In partnership with Watsons, Cetaphil aims to disseminate information like this through the Cetaphil Skin Moisture Hub. They’re both on a mission to help Filipinos care for their skin better. “Cetaphil is the leading and number one brand for sensitive skincare. Their vision aligns with that of Watsons because we wanted to be known for skin health,” says Aimee Pernia.

As per Galderma Business Unit Head Jade Ponoc, “It’s the same advocacy as Cetaphil, and this is why we’re impressed with how they are improving their categories and how much they want to get to know their consumers. When they consulted with the Philippine Dermatological Society, Cetaphil came out in the discussion,” she further added, “When they approached us, it was the perfect time to work together. Watsons right now is our number one channel for Cetaphil.”

Galderma – Cetaphil Philippines

What to expect
Cetaphil Skin Moisture Hub is located in the prime area of SM Makati, facing the mall’s entrance. That drives high foot traffic alone, but what will make consumers stay and learn more about the importance of moisturizing the skin is the many offerings that Cetaphil will be providing. “Our beauty experts have gone through training and can explain what the actives are for, what the differences are, and why our products are superior,” shares Ponoc. “There will always be additional discounts, gifts, and samples they can only get at the pop-up location. There are even exciting product bundles.”

 SM Makati isn’t the only mall that had this arrangement. “We also did some runs in VisMin—SM Lanang and SM Cebu. We plan to roll this out further in 2023,” adds Aimee.

48 hours of protection
Ponoc reiterates that many variables cause skin dryness—soaps and detergents, stress, poor diet, excessive sun exposure, even aging. Our skin has to cope with a lot on a daily basis. She also revealed that she was, at first, surprised to find out that cleansing can be damaging. Reason dermatologists prefer non-soap cleansers. Some cleansers can be extremely drying. When you feel there is tightness on your skin after washing, it can indicate dry condition caused by the soap used, as shared by my dermatologist before,” she says.

Cetaphil has reformulated its products. And their new formula now delivers not just 24 hours of protection but 48 hours—all backed by 75 years’ worth of clinical studies. Making it as Most Prescribed Skincare Brand by Dermatologists and the Most Loved Skincare Brand among consumers in the Philippines based on a big survey hosted by their Global Team.

Visit the Cetaphil Skin Moisture Hub in SM Makati until Oct. 31 and learn more about how you can best take care of your skin.