VIRAL: How to achieve TikTok's crying makeup look

Yay or nay? Would you try this trend?

Going viral last week was a makeup tutorial on how to achieve the look like you just finished crying—and still looking pretty, and maybe, even prettier. Makeup artist Zoe Kim Kenealy's video has garnered over 3.5 million views with comments that have been divided to those who love the idea and those who don't think it's a look worth experimenting.

TikTok: Zoe Kim Kenealy

In the video, she starts off by saying that this look is for the "unstable girlies," which got most "emo" ladies curious on how to achieve this more sophisticated crying look sans the smudged eyes. The background of her video supports the trend with photos of celebrities and models sporting glistening eyelids and red-flushed cheeks.

In the video, Kenealy starts off with a clean face, but we're assuming she already finished putting on her makeup base be it primer and/or foundation. Then, she proceeds to applying liquid lipstick in a peach shade, "We want those puffy lips, right?" She then blurs the edges of her lips with a lip brush. "We're going in with soft spoken lips," she explains. And goes back to line her lips with a neutral liner. Ever Bilena Powerpaint Multi-use Color Cream can help you achieve that blurred lips look, lining it with their Matte Lip Liner.

Now, all you need is a pinkish cream blush to apply all over your eye lids, under eyes, cheeks, and nose. "It's really a monochromatic moment," she says. Try Issy & Company's Creme Cheek Blush which comes in a myriad of shades to fit your skin tone.

And how to create what seems like you just cried out some tears? Kenealy used some liquid glitter in light beige hue "on the bottom lash line," and "where you want to shine. The cupid's bow is a great area." If you don't have liquid glitter such as BYS X Barbie Glamour Liquid Eyeshadow Empower.

She reminds her viewers that lashes have to be curled. "It just completes the look," she reiterates. And, finally, add a shiny lip gloss—preferably in blood red hue for the puffed look just like Vice Cosmetics Keriboom Lip Glozz in Kerivu.

At first thought, this crying makeup look is reminiscent of the Japanese Igari makeup (or even those of the geisha's). It could also be inspired from Koreans who love to apply reddish makeup around their eyes. The difference this time is that this trend has added a neutral shimmer on the eyes, and glossy on the lips to complete the look of someone who just had tears fall down one's face.