MMC approves exclusive bike, motorcycle lanes along Commonwealth Avenue

Exclusive lanes for motorcycles and bicycles will be set up along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City to promote road safety and decongest traffic in the area, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) disclosed.

The exclusive lanes were among those discussed during a summit with transport groups and other stakeholders with the MMDA and MMDA Acting Chairman Carlo Dimayuga III said the proposal will be effected after it was approved by the Metro Manila Council (MMC) which is composed of Metro Manila mayors.

photo: MMDA

"The MMC agreed in principle to establish exclusive lanes for such riders and motorists to avert road accidents and ensure safety among road users," said Dimayuga.

Based on the discussion, the exclusive motorcycle lanes located at the third lane from the right along Commonwealth Avenue while the outermost right lane shall be designated as an exclusive bicycle lane.

"The exclusive motorcycle lanes located at the third lane from the right along Commonwealth will depend upon the road conditions as the road has some inconsistencies in terms of lane width due to different construction projects," Dimayuga said, noting the ongoing construction of the MRT 7.

He added that the exclusive motorcycle lanes shall be implemented, pending the adjustments recommended by the Quezon City local government unit.

Dimayuga said they will be working with the Quezon City local government and the Department of Public Works and Highways in installing appropriate traffic signs and apply the proper lane markings along Commonwealth Avenue from Elliptical Road to Doña Carmen Subdivision and vice versa.

"This is to guide motorists and to delineate the exclusive lanes from one another," said Dimayuga.