Bishop urges public: Pray and help indigenous Filipinos

Bishop Valentin Dimoc (Facebook)

A Catholic prelate urged the faithful to pray and think of ways on how they can help indigenous communities in the country.

The chairman of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines-Episcopal Commission on Indigenous Peoples (CBCP-ECIP) made the statement in observance of the “Indigenous Peoples’ Sunday” on Oct. 9.

CBCP-ECIP Chairman Bishop Valentin Dimoc said that this calls for the public, “primarily” the catholics, “to think of our indigenous brothers and sisters, and to help them also in their journeys in life.”

Dimoc said “there are so many struggles, different kinds of struggles in their communities—from Luzon to Mindanao.”

“Let us pray for them and find concrete ways how we can reach out to these Indigenous brothers and sisters of ours,” he said.

“Let us pray, be one with them, be in solidarity with them, and find concrete ways on how to help them,” he added.