Karen Davila slams critic

Seasoned broadcast journalist Karen Davila recently revealed that her family caught COVID-19.

"Five days ago, our family tested POSITIVE for COVID19. Our 14 yr old son Lucas first tested positive on antigen and we immediately took an RT PCR test as a family," she shared last Jan. 7. "Praise God our symptoms are MILD and I believe that is because we have all been vaccinated & 2 have us have had booster shots."

"Our kids had fever, a scratchy throat, coughing. I experienced fatigue & a lump in my throat. Thank God we are all recovering very well!"

Karen reiterated that she's "extremely grateful" that while taking care of the kids, she was still able to do her talk show in the mornings.

"I have learned to treasure this quiet time at home for prayer, healing & resting. Praise God for being with us every step of the way. We love you Lord," she said.

Instead of commiserating, a netizen thought it best to blame her for their predicament relating how all "she does is travel and go out with her family to boracay..."

Karen immediately responded to the comment.

"'all she does'??? Dude, I've been a full time working mother all my life. Don't you dare make mothers feel guilty for wanting a vacation & wanting to spend time with their kids. Get a life man!," she replied.

"Dude, it's 2022," she added.

Karen would go on to re-post "No to COVID shame."

"It's okay if you tested positive, you will get better. Let's protect ourselves and the community," it read.

Karen shared her two cents as well, writing: "Don't hide it. Share it. Work on it together as a community."

She reminded her followers of the importance of getting jabbed.

"GUYS. The vaccines work! We are living proof. Get your shots. Get your boosters NOW. Do this out of love for yourself & your family this 2022."