Roque seeks replacement of PhilHealth to guarantee zero hospital billing

Senatorial aspirant Harry Roque is pushing for the replacement of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), which he said is marred by corruption that threatens the successful implementation of the Universal Health Care (UHC) in the country.

In a statement Friday, the former presidential spokesman said he wants PhilHealth to be replaced with a National Health Service that would guarantee "zero billing" in hospitals as well as free health services, medicines and medical tests for those seeking treatment.

"Mayroon pong malaking banta sa tunay na pagpapatupad ng ating Universal Health Care, ang gusto natin zero billing talaga. Lahat ng taong magkakasakit ang banta po ay korapsyon sa PhilHealth (There's a big threat against the implementation of the Universal Health Care. What we want is zero billing in hospitals. The threat against people getting sick is the corruption in PhilHealth), " Roque said.

"Ngayon po pinag-aaralan kong mabuti kung dapat bang buwagin ang PhilHealth at papalitan natin ng National Health Service bilang paraan na matanggal ang mga kurakot dyan sa PhilHealth (Now, we're thinking if we should abolish PhilHealth to be replaced with the National Health Service as a way to remove all the corrupt people there)," he added.

Under the UHC, graduates of health-related courses from state universities and colleges or government-funded scholarship programs in the country must serve in the public sector for at least three years.