Mystery shrouds death of Korean drama ‘Snowdrop’ actress Kim Mi-soo

The death of Korean drama “Snowdrop” actress Kim Mi-soo at age 29 has left many in shock and Korean netizens are asking the cause.

Kim Mi-soo died on Jan. 5, according to her agency, Landscape Entertainment.

In “Snowdrop,” which is currently airing on JTBC and Disney Plus, Kim Mi-soo plays the role of student activist Yeo Jeong-Min, a 23-year-old fourth year History student at Hosoo Women's University, and is one of the roommates of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo in the drama.

Actress Kim Mi-soo as Yeo Jeong-Min in "Snowdrop" (JTBC)

Korean media reported that the production team of “Snowdrop” is reportedly discussing with Kim Mi-soo’s family whether to air her scenes in the drama. The filming for “Snowdrop” was already completed.

Kim Mi-soo finished filming for “Snowdrop” and was currently filming the Disney Plus drama “Sixth Sense Kiss,” which is based on a webtoon, when she passed away.

“Sixth Sense Kiss,” set for release this year, will star Seo Ji-hye and Yoon Kye-sang. Due to Kim Mi-soo’s death, the filming for the drama was cancelled on Jan. 5.

A representative from Kim Mi-soo's agency told Maeil Business Star Today on Jan. 5 that the actress filmed “Sixth Sense Kiss” two days ago and that she was expected to work on several acting projects.

On Jan. 5, Landscape Entertainment made the announcement about her death but did not disclose the cause.

“We have come to deliver a very heartbreaking news. Actress Kim Mi-soo suddenly left us on Jan. 5,” it said.

“The bereaved family is currently very heartbroken due to the sudden tragedy. We earnestly ask you to refrain from reporting rumors or speculation so that the bereaved family, who is in shock and sorrow, can reverently pay tribute to the deceased,” the agency said.

It added, “The funeral will be held privately according to the wishes of the bereaved family.” The wake is at the Taeneung Sungsim Funeral Hall in Seoul and the funeral will be held at 6 a.m. KST on Jan. 7

Born on March 16, 1992, Kim Mi-soo debuted in the movie “Lipstick Revolution” in 2018. Her drama credits include “Hellbound,” “Yumi's Cells,” “The School Nurse Files,” “Memorials” and “Hi Bye Mama.”