Check out this all-natural K-beauty brand—that's affordable, too!

And it starts at P59

With what's going on with the world, people are trying to their best to choose with conscience. And that includes the beauty products we use. What usually stops us in going into this lifestyle choice are the price points as they can burn a hole in our pockets.

But when you hear of an all-natural and eco-friendly Korean skincare brand that's also affordable, then it's worth a shot to try them out. With over 100 products to choose from in Farm Skin's flagship store over on Shopee, it's hard to check out with just one product.

Our picks include their most affordable range of face masks that starts at P59. It comes in four different packaging, depending on the skin type. You can also choose from water-based (tomato for revitalizing, green tea for soothing, carrot for pore-purifying, kale for purifying, beet for brightening, blueberry for strengthening, mangosteen for balancing, broccoli for refreshing) and cream-based (avocado for softening, coconut for nourishing, honey for illuminating, olive for firming).

Disinfecting our hands can cause our skin to dry, so what to do? Their Ultra Nourishing Pink Salt hand & nail cream works on moisturizing dry hands and weak nails, too! Double duty as it takes care of nails and cuticles while softening your hands as well. Not only does it have Himalayan pink salt, it also has sunflower E+ complex, neem tree extract, and Vitamin E for extra nourishment.

Still hesitant to frequent the salon? Then these hair masks might do the trick. Give your hair the care it deserves with their range of hair masks. It comes with a special hair cap that's already packed with essence that can be easily absorbed by your tresses. It comes with keratin, panthenol (moisture and nutrition), and ceramides (protective barrier) to help make hair care easy at home.

They have more category offerings to choose from including cleansing foams; bath and body care; toner, micellar water and makeup remover; sun care; lip care; hand, foot, and nail care; and medical supplies. Knowing that Farm Skin uses natural ingredients with processes that are ethically conscious, one feels safer when using these products. That's not all, it's also cruelty-free which means it's definitely safe to use, too!