Karen Davila on staying hopeful amid 'another tough day' for ABS-CBN

Seasoned broadcast journalist deemed Jan. 26 "another tough day" for her home network, ABS-CBN.

Despite this, Karen chose not to lose hope.

"Optimism takes faith and hope gives your heart peace," she related.

Karen didn't expound as to what her statement is all about but many are convinced it's related to the recent announcement by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) about the Advanced Media Broadcasting System, owned by former Senator Manny Villar, securing provisional authority to use the television broadcast frequencies previously assigned to ABS-CBN until 2023.

May last year, Karen marked the first year that ABS-CBN went off-air following the cease and desist order by the NTC.

She tweeted then: "May 5, 2020. The day ABSCBN went dark. We shall not forget. Keep on fighting."

During that time, a video of Karen reiterating her support to ABS-CBN went viral.

In there, she explained her reason why she opted to stay with the network even after their non-renewal of the franchise.

"Hindi ako magiging Karen Davila if not for ABS-CBN - that's a fact! I have been in (ABS-CBN) for 21 years. So I really have to say - with all my heart, the Karen Davila you've seen today is really a product of ABS-CBN," she said.

"Kumbaga naging ganito po ako, lumaki po ako ng ganito dahil po sa tiwala ng (ABS-CBN), 'di ba? So at (ABS-CBN's) lowest point, I wanna be there for (ABS-CBN) and see where this goes," Karen added. "When the time comes that, you know, ayaw na nila or hindi na pwede, then I've already prayed to the Lord about it and I'm ready."