It's official! Morissette and Dave Lamar are married

Kept under wraps for a few months, the couple Morissette and Dave Lamar have finally shared the good news to everyone that they have been married for quite some time.

Morissette and Dave Lamar are happily married

"We are so happy to finally officially announce that WE ARE MARRIED! It was so hard trying to keep this a secret for the past several months, but we're finally Free! what a ride it's been, Dave Lamar! To the stars and the moon, I love you, my husband," she posted. "Thank you for being my true north through it all, holding my hand as we journey through this life together. And I can't wait to keeping going up and away and experience it all with you!"

Dave Lamar also posted, "The journey has been incredible. I am so overwhelmed and blessed that God lead me to my true north, my best friend, and now my wife! I love you, Morissette. So excited to spend the rest of our lives together!"

Congratulations to the couple!