Sputnik Light 'good candidate' as booster shot -- VEP

The single-shot Sputnik Light coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine is a "good candidate" as a booster shot, members of the Vaccine Expert Panel said Tuesday, Jan. 25.


"Sputnik Light is a good candidate for boosting vaccine. So after initial vaccination or natural infection, it can be used in revaccination regimen," Dr, Liza Gonzales said during the Department of Health Kapihan Session.

"Can it be useful as booster? I think the studies would show that it would. It would actually enhance the immune response in those who were previously vaccinated and in fact, higher pa (much higher) response in those who were also previously infected. So whether infected or not, given primary immunization, I think Sputnik would be a good booster to be given," she stressed.

Gonzales also assured that Sputnik V is "safe and induces a durable, persistent, and broad cross-reactive humoral and cellular immunity" against most COVID-19 variants.

"Sputnik V as well as other current vaccines may provide substantial protection against severe disease in both naive and previously infected individuals," she noted

Citing a study conducted in Moscow, Russia, dr. Derick Sumalapao said "revaccinating" Sputnik Light for those who initially received the two-dose Sputnik V provided neutralizing antibody response against the Omicron variant.

"The administration of Sputnik Light as a revaccination among individuals who were already vaccinated with Sputnik V, showed actually they elicited neutralizing antibodies to the Omicron variant, although there's a decrease in the neutralizing antibody level," Sumalapao noted.

"But the good thing is there is a presence of such neutralizing antibody to Omicron variant among the study participants who were revaccinated with Sputnik Light when they were initially vaccinated with Sputnik V," he added.

In August, the Food and Drug Administration has approved the emergency use authorization (EUA) for the Sputnik Light.