K-pop group Pentagon shows maturity with new album ‘IN:VITE U’

K-pop boy band Pentagon made their comeback with the release of their 12th mini-album “IN:VITE U” on Jan. 24.

The album features six songs including the carrier track “Feelin’ Like,” an energetic pop and powerful R&B genre song. Pentagon members Jinho, Kino and Wooseok participated in writing the lyrics of the song.

Pentagon at the media showcase for their new album “IN:VITE U” on Jan. 24 (Cube Entertainment)

Pentagon at the media showcase for their new album “IN:VITE U” on Jan. 24 (Cube Entertainment)

Pentagon returned in 10 months after releasing their 11th mini-album “Love or Take” in March 2021.

“IN:VITE U” is also the comeback project of member Jinho after completing his military service in November 2021.

During the media showcase for “IN:VITE U” on Jan. 24, Kino, Wooseok, Hongseok, Yeoone, Jinho, Shinwon, Yuto and Yanan talked about their new album and goals.

“It is the 12th mini-album and there was a studio album. We think we have displayed various concepts and music. Thus, as five years have passed since our debut, we feel like we should show you our new images again,” said Kino.

He added, “We contemplated on this, discussing how we could present the changed, matured Pentagon working on this album. We can confidently say, this album has completion and maturity.”

Pentagon at the media showcase for their new album “IN:VITE U” on Jan. 24 (Cube Entertainment)

K-pop boy band Pentagon (Cube Entertainment)

Jinho also talked about his first album since his discharge from the military, saying he had to practice a lot and lose weight.

“I was in the military for almost a year and a half, as I did not sing or dance, my body got a bit stiff. So I practiced a lot to adjust my body. And some of you may know, the ramen in the military is so good. I had ramen a lot and I gained nearly 10 kilos. It was tough losing all that weight afterwards.

Wooseok said he is happy that Jinho is back in the group to add another main vocalist.

“First, I feel very secure. And we have another main vocalist, adding to Hongseok and Hui in a long time so we could make bolder attempts while working on our music such as adding extra mild parts,” he said.

Yeoone explained that the album name “IN:VITE U” is a combination of “invite” and “vite,” which means fast, “referring to an invitation to a new world that Pentagon faces, where we quickly fall for you–the person we meet there.”

He said there are two meanings of their new album.

“”As five years passed since our debut, we have been aging and have grown up internally. We tried to express our maturity through diverse music.

Shinwon said through the new album, “we wanted to show something new, different from what we showed previously in ‘Shine’ and ‘Do or Not’ where we sang honest, confident love. We wanted to show something different this time.”

“We wanted to let people know that Pentagon is an all-rounder group capable of every genre. We prepared hard for this album,” he added.

The music video for “Feelin’ Like” was also released on YouTube on Jan. 24. As of writing, the music video has garnered six million views.

Here are the six tracks in Pentagon’s new album “IN:VITE U,” according to Cube Entertainment:

1. Feelin’ Like

Composed by RYAN JHUN, Kristin Marie, Vegard Hurum, Jop Pangemanan


Arranged by RYAN JHUN, Vegard Hurum

“‘Feelin’ Like’ is an energetic pop and powerful R&B genre song, which the perfect combination of the two genres immediately catches listeners’ ears from the intro. The song takes a motif from the myth of Pygmalion’s statue, Galatea, and describes the moments of awakening, pleasure, and realization by using their own words, to present PENTAGON’s new way of loving. Especially, JINHO, KINO, and WOOSEOK participated in the lyrics writing, proving to be a self-producing idol. With new music and performance style compared to what PENTAGON had performed previously, with a classier and upscale vibe, they wish to begin a story of their own through this song.”

2. One Shot




“Just like must-have condiments for tasty food, PENTAGON’s bold and extraordinary attempts to cater to the public’s taste continue. Alternative rock genre song ‘One Shot’ is a track based on a stimulating and glamorous hard rock guitar riff that mesmerizes everyone’s ears from the start. This is an uplifting track with blasting energy that figuratively describes the desire to fearlessly go on a spree in a situation when there is only one last shot left to our lives. The theme, ‘You’ in the track ‘One Shot’, allows listeners to imagine their own subject, and depending on who or what you think of, it enables the song to be more diverse with its meanings hence making it more amusing.”

3. The Game

Composed by WOOSEOK, NATHAN, yunji, HOHO

Lyrics by WOOSEOK

Arranged by NATHAN, yunji

“‘The Game’ is a sensational glitch synth sound and rock sound added electronic genre song. This track compares happenings full of tensions in our life to a game to illustrate PENTAGON’s relaxed and humorous attitudes despite whatever situation they are in. In particular, the powerful and catchy lyrics in the chorus part such as ‘Livelier, just run, blow it all’, and operatic elements in different parts are added to offer a more unique and mature musical color of PENTAGON.”

4. Call My Name

Composed by KINO, KimZion, Milano


Arranged by KimZion, Yo Seb Son, Hyeogdu Choi

“KINO and producer KimZion who has been trying different genres of music through songs such as ‘When It Rains In Night’, ‘HAPPINESS KR Ver.’, have joined forces together again. The friction of the lips while calling my name, that overwhelming tension at the specific moment is described in the song. KINO has used ‘voice’ as a motif in his previously released mixtape song ‘Voicegasm’, and in ‘Call My Name’ the motif is taken further from that to sing about a story between the two that has become deeper.”

5. Sparkling Night



Arranged by ROAMER DOZE

“This song portrays a Ferris wheel at the center of a theme park on a beach where millions of stars are flowing in the sky. PENTAGON’s member KINO participated in the writing of lyrics to highlight the nostalgic and emotional mood of the song. ‘Sparkling Night’ metaphorically illustrates the wistful feeling of when your time is up and have to get off at the end of the ride from a Ferris wheel but can’t step off easily because of the beautiful scenery in front of meeting and breaking up in the context of a relationship. Especially, in contrast to the ardent emotion, earnest lyrics on the warm and serene melody make the listeners focus deeper on the song.”

6. BAD

Composed by WOOSEOK, Siixk Jun

Lyrics by WOOSEOK

Arranged by Siixk Jun

“There’s a guy who loves his lover more than anything, but everyone around him and the situation he is in seems to be all directing him that breakup is the only answer. This song tells a familiar yet bad breakup story of everyone who is so badly considerate that they wish the other person’s happiness even at the very moment of saying the last goodbye. PENTAGON’s member WOOSEOK took part in the lyrics and songwriting of ‘BAD’. The track is based on a simple but concise guitar riff and catchy melody with a classic and minimal sound source as a main rhythm. It wishes to comfort and empathize with everyone who is facing a breakup or going through a heartbreaking breakup.”