Family life made better with these home appliances

Save time, save the earth, save your sanity

Unlike last year's new year's celebration, ringing in 2022 was a more hopeful one as the alert level went down and people have learned from the past years. While we worked on home renovations and furniture rearrangements to go with WFH (work from home) and ODL (online distance learning) in 2020 and 2021, this year lets us play a little more when it comes to upgrades.

The past few years have also made us realize how important it is to take care of ourselves and our world, so choosing home items that helps us be more creative and efficient, and contribute to sustainability and greener living environment are our best bets.

One trusted brand to check out is Scandinavian brand Electrolux. With over a century of expertise, it has evolved with sustainability, efficiency, and ingenuity in mind. Providing consumers with solutions and products that are for better living in terms of taste, care, and wellbeing. Here's how.

Cook with fresh food
We have to admit that the past years have pushed us to store more food at home due to unforeseen lockdown announcements. Keeping more food at home also saves us time from going out and helps us avoid unwanted infections. But how to make ingredients last longer?
Electrolux's UltimateTaste Freezer Refrigerators help make food last longer. It has TasteSeal and TasteLockAuto keep fish, meats, and vegetables fresh for seven days. Its sleek designs also saves space and gives your kitchen a fresh look that inspires you to experiment with food.
Cooking is made even more enjoyable with UltimateTaste 700 Cooking Range with Induction Hob and 54 Electric Oven and Chimney Hood that keeps the air clean and smoke-free, especially when you're cooking up a feast for the whole family.

Clean efficiently
Another daily task that can even be all-day long when you have kids at home. Choosing the right vacuum cleaners such as the Pure i9.2 Robotic and Well Q6-P Bagless Handstick can help make cleaning easier and enjoyable. The robotic one uses 3D vision to sweep up the most minute particle. And with its ergonomic design, it can even get into tight corners. The handstick comes with a PowerPro Roller that cleans and polishes. Both products are sleek in design so you don't have to worry about storage space.

Launder sustainably
With the world taking a turn in highlighting quality over quantity when it comes to fashion, it only makes sense that we choose the right washing machine that takes care of our clothes with less water waste and residue that negative affects the environment. Their UltimateCare series on both washing machine and dryers comes with cutting-edge Swedish technology that are easy to operate. Push a few buttons, do other things in your mommy-to-do-list, and come back to these machines with clothes that are ready to be hung or worn on the same day.

*Electrolux is available on both Lazada and Shopee and their official website.