Recovered overseas Filipinos now allowed entry to PH despite positive COVID test

The government's pandemic task force is now allowing the entry to the country of Filipinos going home from abroad who have recovered from the coronavirus (COVID-19) but still tested positive for it, subject to protocols.


Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles made the statement after the Inter-agency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases eased the arrival protocols for fully vaccinated international passengers early this month.

In his press briefing on Friday, January 21, Nograles said arriving Filipino passengers of international flights who have recently recovered from COVID-19 but still tested positive in the required pre-departure RT-PCR test may be allowed entry into the country subject to the presentation of the following:

  • The positive RT-PCR test that was taken within 48 hours prior to their flight
  • A medical certificate issued by a licensed physician

The medical certificate must indicate that the passenger has completed the mandatory isolation period, is no longer infectious, and has been allowed free movement or travel.

Nograles noted that a positive RT-PCR test should be taken not earlier than 10 days but not later than 30 days prior to the date/time of departure from the country/port of origin.

Upon arrival to the Philippines, the said passenger will be required to observe the facility-based quarantine protocol applicable to their country of origin and the passenger's vaccination status.

However, if the passenger is fully vaccinated and is coming from green list territories, they shall be required to undergo facility-based quarantine periods prescribed for yellow list territories for fully vaccinated arriving passengers.

Last week, the IATF allowed Filipino from red list countries and fully vaccinated international travelers from green list territories to enter the Philippines but the country will remain closed to foreign tourists, the government's pandemic task force decided.

Currently, there are 14 countries under the red list and 32 countries and territories under the green list from January 16 to 31, 2022.

Passengers entering the country are required to present a negative RT-PCR test taken within 48 hours from their flight to the Philippines regardless of the risk classification of their point of origin.