This little girl's reaction that she looks like young Mirabel in 'Encanto' will make your heart melt


Since Disney's Encanto was released last year, families couldn't get enough of it. But there's one child that feels so "extra" watching this latest movie.

Two-year-old Manu who is based in Brazil found herself looking at herself in the movie. Her mom Hannary posted a video of it, and it's just too adorable. "It's me, mommy!" she says in Portuguese. When she saw the lead character grow up, she says, "I grew up, mommy." Hannary couldn't help but add, "How beautiful!"

The mom told BuzzFeed, "There's nothing better than seeing your child's joy — especially being represented in a Disney movie!"

The repost by @imaginago on Twitter went viral that even Mirabel's voice actor Stephanie Beatriz took notice and left a comment on Manu's Instagram account.