Indonesian R&B artist Ruth Garcia embraces her sensual and playful side with new single ‘The Way You Move’

Published September 23, 2022, 1:00 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Following the release of her R&B ballad ‘More Than Just a Friend’ earlier this year, up-and-coming singer-songwriter Ruth Garcia is back with her latest single ‘The Way You Move’. While Ruth showed her cute and romantic side in her previous song, ‘The Way You Move’ portrays a different side of her which is bold and sexy along with catchy beats and playful lyrics.

Staying true to her distinctive R&B style, ‘The Way You Move’ tells a story of a woman teasing a man to win his heart. Ruth was heavily involved in the songwriting process, including the story behind it that was based on her personal experience which she then translated into a song with Passion Vibe’s team, and the songwriting process only took a day.

“Right at the time we wrote the third verse where the lyrics go ‘Boy you’re such a cutie for me, a sugar-high taste like McFlurry’, I got the inspiration from when I got an ice cream delivered to me while we were in the studio.”

Ruth, who is also a huge fan of Ariana Grande, sincerely hopes the release of her music can viscerally resonate with listeners in Indonesia and abroad, and is determined in churning out only her best works time after time and can’t wait for fans to have a taste of some more.

Passion Vibe is in the midst of preparation for the filming of the ‘The Way You Move’ music video and will commence production right after the release of the single on Indonesian digital streaming platforms. Ruth’s team guarantees viewers will be captivated with great visuals on top of the audio, just like they had done with the ‘More Than Just A Friend’ music video.

Ruth has had the support of Kaleb J, Belanegara Abe, and Abraham Edo from Passion Vibe who are the team that helped to compose and produce the track. Besides them is Ayu Purnama Sari as Vocal Director, Ogi Lugas as Recording Engineer, Herry Alexis as Vocal Editor, and mixing was done by Stevano at Sembunyi Studio, and mastering by Dimas Pradipta at Summit Studio.