DHL Express improves customer experience with digital assistant platforms

Published September 22, 2022, 10:00 AM

by Jonathan Castillo

DHL Express is improving its customer communications by incorporating digital solutions into its operations for a better customer experience. With Digital Assistant on WhatsApp, Facebook, and its content hub, Discover, DHL aims to help customers obtain updates of the company’s products, services, shipping rates and shipment status.

“Going digital enables businesses to modernize processes, make workflows more efficient, heighten security, and increase profitability. Digital channels help businesses change the way they interact with customers. Through digitalization, customers can gain direct insights into our products and services or track shipments – anywhere, anytime,” said Nigel Lockett, DHL Express Country Manager.

The WhatsApp Digital Assistant (DA) instantly address all fundamental international shipping queries and provide curated shipping information. Customers may enter their 10-digit DHL Express waybill number to check on the shipment status, and the DA will provide the latest delivery information. The DA includes a link to MyDHL+ if a customer needs to check pricing or estimated delivery time.

For customer convenience, WhatsApp DA also provides up-to-date local importing and exporting information on medical and hygiene-related items. It can also help customers connect to a customer service advisor for more complex inquiries.

“With the help of technology, we want to build a better experience for customers, and be available whenever they need us. We can also guide them on expanding their reach to the global market,” added Nigel Lockett.

Customers in the Philippines may also connect with a DHL Express customer service officer through an embedded Digital Assistant on the Discover website or the DHL Express Philippines official Facebook page. 

“Everyone is online, and that is where we want to be because that is also where our customers are. They are important to us, and we want to hear their questions. We hope to give them answers to help address their shipping needs. These tools are also designed to support our customers so that they can reach out through multiple avenues,” said Eric Queppet, Commercial Head of DHL Express Philippines.