Freedom Moses launches first retail stores in the Philippines

The Israel-based footwear brand is known for its two-band silhouette slides that are PETA-approved

Eight years ago, Paris-born designer Sarah Gurt imagined the Biblical character Moses wearing colorful slides. That idea marked the beginning of Freedom Moses, a footwear brand that not only provides diverse pieces to all but also invites everyone to just chill. Much like the story of Moses, her brand became known in different parts of the globe, allowing its slides to be worn by various sports, entertainment, and lifestyle personalities. This time, the beloved footwear brand makes its mark in the Philippines as it officially launches its first retail stores in the country. 

Freedom Moses pieces

Last Sept. 8, Manila’s young and stylish crowd gathered together wearing the best slides from the Freedom Moses to welcome its arrival. The brand is known for its two-band silhouette slides that come in a variety of colors and prints. But what makes them even more special is that they are recyclable, vegan, cruelty-free, and approved by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). 

“When I moved to Tel Aviv in 2014 and started the brand, my life completely changed,” Freedom Moses founder and creative director Sarah Gurt says. “I want to create a lifestyle brand that could translate my newfound life. I feel like there was a need to create a unique and colorful collection of slides at an accessible price that will also be made responsibly.”

Sustainability is also at the core of Freedom Moses. That is why it is important for the brand to make its genderless and ageless pieces out of PCU, an eco-friendly version of plastic that’s injected with air for maximum comfort and minimum environmental impact. Because of that, the slides can easily be recycled. The slides are also waterproof, hand washable, and lightly scented with milk and honey, making them easy to use and 100 percent chill.

Carmela Vizcocho and Luigi Wilwayco

According to Luigi Wilwayco, the brand’s assistant brand manager, one of the initiatives that support the brand’s efforts in sustainability is local packaging. “Here in the Philippines, the packaging is sustainable, biodegradable, and has a minimalist design.” he says.

“Freedom Moses is about happy, colorful, chill, and fun vibes and I think that it represents also the Filipinos in general,” brand assistant Carmela Vizcocho muses. “The slides are a form of self-expression…we are excited for it to be part of the daily lifestyle of the Filipinos.”

Freedom Moses pieces come in adult and kid sizes and are priced from P2,195 to P2,495 for adult sizes, and from P1,895 to P1,995 for kid sizes. Check out the collection at its first store located in Trinoma Mall–Level 2, at selected Shoe Salon branches, and The Playground Store located in Shangri-La, Magnolia, and Trinoma Mall. It will be available in Rustan's Metro Manila branches soon. 

To know more about it, visit and @freedom_moses_philippines on Instagram and on Facebook.

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