How Vilma Santos, Edu Manzano learned they're going to be grandparents

Luis Manzano received warm reception upon informing his parents, Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano, that his wife, Jessy Mendiola, is expecting.

On the actress' recent vlog, the couple shared how they told his parents the good news.

According to the Star For All Seasons, she found out about it on Mother's day.

Shown in an outro for a vlog, Luis asked his mom if she's going to greet Jessy a happy Mother's Day as well.

Confused, Vilma asked: "Soon?... What do you mean? Mother ka na ba? Serious nga? You're positive! Oh my God! Congratulations!"

Edu, on the other hand, learned about it on Father's day month.

There, Luis teased the seasoned actor-TV host: "Hi, lolo!"

Jessy then showed him their baby's sonogram.

In seeming disbelief Edu, was speechless for a second.

His girlfriend, Cherry Pie Picache, immediately understood the good news, telling Edu: "Lolo ka na!"

Edu asked: "When did you do that? Can I see again?"

Jessy and Luis announced that they're pregnant last month.

They are set to welcome a baby girl.