The benefits of CoQ10 supplement and how it can improve overall health

Vivaro introduces the beneficial supplements to Filipinos

Did you know that we humans are more susceptible and prone to diseases when we are deficient in nutrients that protect our bodies? Some of us experience oxidative damage brought by stress depleting our own defenses from these illnesses.

According to a survey conducted by Rakuten Insights on dietary supplements in the Philippines in July 2020, 85 percent of people aged 55 and above take nutritional supplements daily, while people aged 16 to 24 years old tend to be the most sparing in terms of taking supplements at only 61 percent. And among all supplements in the market, one particular addition that rises among the rest is CoQ10.

What is CoQ10 and what does it do to our bodies? “CoQ10 is a compound made by your body and stored in the mitochondria of your cells,” said Vivaro. “Research has shown that CoQ10 plays several key roles in your body—provides energy to the cells, helps improve heart health and reduce the oxidative damage caused by daily stress and pollution.”

The founders of Vivaro are believers in a holistic approach to wellness in life which means a combination of a healthy lifestyle including balanced diet, exercise, sufficient rest and rejuvenation, combined with the addition of the right supplements help keep the body functioning optimally.

“Every Filipino spent an average of P8,216.42 on healthcare goods and services in 2020, around the height of the pandemic. This is a 5 percent increase in spending habits compared to just a year prior,” said John Echauz, Chairman of Vivaro. “Our country’s success depends on health, which is a basic human need. As a result, we strive to provide as many Filipinos as possible with world-class vitamins, minerals, and health supplements.”

Clockwise: John Echauz, Chairman of Vivaro, Dr. Bernadette Arcilla, Medical Director, and Marisa Del Val, Vivaro Shareholder & BIA with CoQ10 user shared their knowledge, expertise and personal experience on the benefits of CoQ10 supplement during the virtual media launch of Vivaro's BIA product line.

“CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant and has been clinically proven to play a vital role in the body’s immune system,” Dr. Bernadette Arcilla added. “Clinical studies have also demonstrated the efficacy of CoQ10 in helping address heart and neurological problems, migraine, cancer, fertility and depleted energy levels.”

Vivaro introduced four variants of Bia supplements which will help address cell oxidation, and improve overall health. First is Bia 300 which is a clinically proven antioxidant supplement that gives the maximum recommended daily potency of CoQ10 that helps support heart health while restoring energy and vitality. Bia Daily helps fight the free radicals in the body that could damage cells and may lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Another type is Bia Plus which includes three formulas of Hawthorn berries, CoQ10, and vitamin E that are also known to help with blood pressure and cholesterol management. If cardiovascular diseases are one of your dilemmas, BIA Care with CoQ10 and Tocotrienol may be right for you. Tocotrienols are also known as the next generation vitamin E which targets the source of inflammation in the body that comes with aging a.k.a. inflammaging.” Through this, the risk of cardiovascular diseases is reduced as well as other diseases related to aging. 

“Having Bia supplements here in the Philippines means CoQ10 is readily available for those battling cancer. CoQ10 has been my source of energy and my immunity booster. It’s my partner in maintaining my overall wellbeing,” notes Marisa del Val, ovarian cancer survivor.  “It’s a dream come true. Used to be, CoQ10 was unheard of here in the Philippines except for a very niche group. Launching Bia gives us an opportunity to share its benefits.”

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