‘Seoul Vibe’: A must watch for petrol heads, old-souls, and Hallyu fans

Published August 26, 2022, 3:19 PM

by Seven Bueno

No spoilers here! 

From the 1986 revolutions in Gwangju and Manila to the economic booms and downfalls, South Korea is known for having a 1980s quite similar to that of the Philippines. We might’ve seen a glimpse of Korea’s ‘80s in the popular show “Reply 1988,” the movie “A Taxi Driver,” and more recently, in “Youth of May.”

This time around, over-the-top streaming platform, Netflix, teams up with ANDMARQ STUDIO (앤드마크) to produce an action-packed movie, “Seoul Vibe,” which focuses on the Sanggye Supreme Team’s lives unfold during the opening of the Seoul Summer Olympics in 1988. 

The Sangye Supreme Team, also known as the baby-drivers of Sangye-dong, are folks hoping to live the American dream while stuck in the uncertainties of a silently chaotic South Korea in 1988. The team is led by Dong Wook (played by Yoo Ah-In). Woo Sam (played by Ko Gyung-Pyo) is their resident DJ-driver, while Bok Nam (played by Lee Kyu-Hyung) is the team’s navigator, knowing the streets of Seoul by heart. Yoon Hee (played by Park Ju Hyun) is the team’s younger sister, as the younger sister of the team’s leader. Joon-Ki (played by Ong Seung Woo), on the other hand is their resident mechanic who fixes everything and anything.

In the film, the team gets entangled into a slush fund involving a chairwoman, “Ms. Kang,” (played by Moon So-Ri) who happens to be highly influential in Myeongdong, and a woman behind a VIP and a magnate in the private loan market of Korea.

Petrol heads are also set to see how the team upgrades their Hyundai Pony, Sonata, and Grandeur in the ‘80s into the car they call “SUPREME.”

My verdict? The movie is packed with the right amount of action, drama, and comedy. It’s also worth mentioning the great music score, the efforts in the tiniest details, and the drive for keeping everything historically accurate. It truly is worth the watch for fans of the Hallyu Wave, those who want to live back in the ‘80s, and for action-seeking petrol heads who want something refreshing to their eyes.

Catch it first and only on Netflix today, Aug. 26. Available in over 190 countries worldwide. Check out the trailer below.