CHITCHAT OVER COFFEE: A touchdown for Filipinos


Flag Football season is here, and a power triage is making sure the rest of the country knows who’s leading it.

The Philippines has always been very grandiose when it comes to our beloved sports, but one that we have yet to hear more about is Flag Football. In a nutshell, it’s like the American football we see on our screens minus the hardcore tackling. Would you believe that Flag Football has been in the country for yeaaaaars? And yet only a handful of people know about it - but all that is going to change in a week because MFL or the “Manila Flag Football League” is touching down.

MFL’s grand launch is happening this Sept. 3rd at the Vermosa Sports Hub - where 8 teams are going toe-to-toe for that inaugural championship.  

MFL has taken flag football from a casual weekend tournament to a sport to watch out for, but that’s no surprise given the people making it happen. 

Justine Kayne Cordero - Em

This former DLSU cheer dance captain has come a long way from UAAP halftimes. Today, she is known for having founded the biggest color fun run in the country - Color Manila. Its success has been attributed to its ability to innovate and think out of the box - something that comes too naturally to Justine and something she’s been bringing to MFL since the day this triage has decided to bring it to life. With over a decade’s worth of experience of running successful sports events, Justine looks forward to making strides with the Manila Flag Football League. And with her MBA from Ateneo de Manila University, this wellness entrepreneur has launched a handful of businesses since, including Blackwood Nature Homes, Women’s Fitness Philippines, Hyve Sports & Tech, and now MFL. If you’re wondering how a niche sport turned into the next big thing, Justine Cordero - Em was that key. 

Steve Near

What makes the MFL more than just another tournament is expertise and precision - and that’s exactly what Coach Steve brings to the table. Although better known as a national athlete for the Philippine Volcanoes, what people miss out on is the fact that Steve Near is guaranteed to be one of the most athletic people you’ll ever meet. One of the few who has managed to compete and win gold across a multitude of sports - track and field, football, rugby, obstacle course racing, and even basketball. But aside from his plethora of success in the athletics, this all-american athlete is also a successful entrepreneur, having founded a premier personal training brand - Do What You Can Fitness. 

Zara Carbonell

Don’t be fooled by the perfect hair and those smokey eyes because there’s much more to Zara than the beauty queen we all know. While she’s more popularly known as the first Filipina to secure the coveted Miss Tourism Worldwide crown in 2018, this DLSU graduate is also a published author, the founder of The Social Startup, and a marketing maven who has worked with tech startups for at least a decade. She’s here to make sure that MFL stands as the flagbearer of flag football not just in the Philippines but across Asia and the Pacific. Doing what’s never been done in Philippine flag football history before, Zara is the bridge that ties MFL to brands and athletes across the nation - so you can expect the best of the best to be showing up on the game day.

If you’re wondering what happens when you put an experienced wellness entrepreneur, a professional athlete, and a marketing genius together - come over to MFL’s grand launch and see for yourself. 

Spectator tickets are sold at P350 each. Buy yours today, and we’ll see you on Sept. 3 at the Vermosa Sports Hub.

Click this link to buy your MFL tickets.