Reliable communication lines necessary in times of disaster – Bishop Bagaforo

NASSA/Caritas Philippines National Director Kidapawan Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo cited the importance of reliable communication lines in times of disaster for organizations, dioceses, and parishes to respond faster to affected families.

Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo (CBCP image)

Communication lines must remain open among concerned groups, he said, for the proper delivery and dissemination of relief goods.

“This way, we are always able to appropriate the relief goods properly according to the needs and number of the affected communities, instill proper management of resources, and ultimately, accountability to our donors and the general public,” said Bishop Bagaforo on Radio Veritas.

The Church leader, likewise, cited the importance of food banking to assist those who are most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. “Food banking is not only about providing relief goods. It is also about providing livelihood opportunities to affected individuals,” he said.

To provide assistance to those who were severely affected by the pandemic, Caritas Philippines launched Caritas Kindness Stations in 2020 in dioceses and parishes to provide assistance to the poor and the needy.

“While providing immediate food relief, we are also able to help local farmers, fishermen, and small entrepreneurs, and grow the local economy. Plus, we limit the farmer-middle trader interaction,” the prelate said.