Eric Nam to star in his debut film ‘Transplant’

Published August 17, 2022, 6:38 AM

by Jonathan Hicap

Korean-American singer Eric Nam announced that he will be making his acting debut in the psychological thriller film “Transplant.”

“Excited to be making my acting debut as Jonah Yoon in ‘Transplant’ alongside some incredible actors and creatives! p.s. thank you to my fans for letting me move my shows this summer. This is what it was about,” he posted on Twitter.

Eric Nam (Jonathan Hicap)

A report by The Hollywood Reporter stated that Nam will star in the movie as “Jonah Yoon, a top surgical resident at an elite hospital with a punishing drive to succeed under the training of Dr. Edward Harmon, a renowned heart transplant surgeon obsessed with maintaining his reputation of perfection.”

The role of Harmon is played by Bill Camp of “The Queen’s Gambit.” Other cast members of the film are Michelle Okkyung Lee, April Grace and Adam Arkin.

“Transplant” was directed by Jason Park, who co-wrote the screenplay with David J. Lee.

The report added that the movie wrapped up production recently in Los Angeles and was financed by Endeavor Content and AUM Group.

“Forest and I love working with feature directorial debuts of auteurs, and Jason came with a brilliant screenplay that dives into cultural specificities, yet conveys immense universal appeal,” said co-producer Nina Yang Bongiovi.

She added, “All the filmmakers that we’ve collaborated with have continued to shift the paradigm in Hollywood through authentic representation in narratives, and we see Jason having the same exemplary trajectory.”

“With Jason’s skilled and deeply personal storytelling, Eric and Bill’s brilliance and Nina and Forest’s vision and passion, working on Transplant has been a complete labor of love,” said Dan Guando, Endeavor Content senior vice president of film development and production.

Eric Nam is currently on tour.