Korean star Hyun Bin returns with movie ‘Confidential Assignment 2’

Published August 16, 2022, 11:47 PM

by Jonathan Hicap

Korean star Hyun Bin is returning to the big screen through his movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International.”

It is a sequel to his 2017 film “Confidential Assignment,” which sold 7.8 million tickets and grossed $48.57 million, according to the Korean Film Council (KOFIC).

(From left) Yoo Hae-jin, director Lee Suk-hoon, Yoona, Hyun Bin and Jin Seon-kyu at the press conference for “Confidential Assignment 2: International” on Aug. 16 (CJENM)

(From left) Yoona, Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney in “Confidential Assignment 2: International” (CJENM)

For “Confidential Assignment 2: International,” Hyun Bin is reunited with co-stars Yoo Hae-jin and Girls’ Generation’s Yoona.

He also got reunited after 17 years with Daniel Henney, his co-star in the 2005 hit drama “My Name Is Kim Sam-soon.”

In the sequel, Hyun Bin again plays the role of Im Cheol-ryung, a North Korean detective sent to South Korea again on a mission.

During the press conference for the film on Aug. 16, Hyun Bin talked about reprising his role.

“I thought I could simply perform in the same way that I did in the original movie. But this thought changed soon after I found out that everything from comedy to action elements had been upgraded in the new movie,” said Hyun Bin, the Korea Herald reported.

He added, “Since it is Chul-ryung’s second visit to South Korea, I decided to show his familiarity with the environment and also Jin-tae (Yoo Hae-jin) as well as Jin-tae’s family. Moreover, while Chul-ryung was focused on revenge for his dead wife in the previous film, he shows a more relaxed and bright side in the sequel.”

Yoona is also reprising her role as Park Min-young, the sister-in-law of Kang Jin-tae.

“Now she (Min-young) has a job. In the first movie, she was an outsider in the family because she did not have a job, and in the new movie she has become a YouTuber. Another change is that she used to have a crush on Chul-ryung but in the sequel, she falls for the new character Jack [played by Henney]. She fantasizes about choosing between the two,” she said.

Henney joined through video from the US and talked about working again with Hyun Bin, who said, “I think we got an opportunity to work together again because we have been working hard on our own career paths. It was so nice to meet him again on set.”

“Confidential Assignment 2: International” will be released in South Korea on Sept. 7.