Director admits plagiarizing Tokyo DisneySea’s emblem for Girls’ Generation’s music video 

Published August 15, 2022, 6:11 PM

by Jonathan Hicap

A Korean director admitted to plagiarizing an emblem by Tokyo DisneySea for K-pop group Girls’ Generation’s new music video.

Girls’ Generation celebrated their 15th anniversary since their debut by releasing the “Forever 1” album.

The emblem used in the Girls’ Generation’s “Forever 1” music video (top) is similar to Tokyo DisneySea’s emblem used for its 15th anniversary (Screen capture from Girls’ Generation music video and photo from

Girls’ Generation (Twitter)

Along with this, they released the “Forever 1” music video on Aug. 10. However, netizens pointed out that the “15 Forever 1” logo used in the music video was similar to Tokyo DisneySea’s emblem used for its 15th anniversary.

The Tokyo DisneySea and the music video emblems were posted on the Korean online community Theqoo.

On Aug. 14, music video director Shin Hee-won admitted to plagiarizing the emblem and apologized.

“First, I am sorry for causing trouble for members of Girls’ Generation and SM Entertainment due to this controversy about plagiarizing a set design in the ‘Forever 1’ music video,” Shine Hee-won said, according to the Korea JoongAng Daily.

He added, “After being commissioned for this music video, I was involved in not only the planning and directing process but also the selecting the smallest props. Considering that, I am ashamed and sorry that I borrowed a design without permission.”

“I was looking up numerous designs for the girl group’s 15th-anniversary and found images that I thought would be suitable. We referred to them for the set design without checking the original source of the image,” he said.

The director added, “We have now checked that it is the emblem design for Tokyo DisneySea’s 15th anniversary. I give my sincerest apologies for using the design without thorough research or confirmation. We will make sure to research and check in various ways so that something like this never happens again.”