Alodia Gosiengfiao creates ruckus with Al Bhed Language post

Published August 15, 2022, 12:22 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

True to being a gamer, Alodia Gosiengfiao posted on social media a statement using a language being used by the Al Bhed race in a game called “Final Fantasy X.”

She wrote: ““Synysehk pyfym” eh so bycd namydeuhcreb? Ug, E teth’d ghuf “synysehk pyfym” hy bymy yhk du cmaab fedr udran kenmc cehla 2018 frah oui’na cdemm eh y namydeuhcreb (grinning face with sweat emoji) ‘te py pycel myhk oih?(grimacing face emoji).”

In the comment section, she added, “Dpr, E drehg fa yna rybbo fedr uin bnacahd. Sa, E ys.  Bmayca cdub icehk uin bycd yc luhdahd.”

Fans eager to know what she’s trying to communicate were quick to exert effort to decipher it.

Supposedly, it translate to: ““Maraming bawal” in my past relationship? Ok, I didn’t know “maraming bawal” na pala ang to sleep with other girls since 2018 when you’re still in a relationship ‘di ba basic lang yun?”

“Tbh, I think we are happy with our present. Me, I am. Please stop using our past as content.”

It quickly ignited ruckus.

One commented: “So bakit hindi ka nalang umalis sa relationship na yun? When your partner sleeps around with other girls, you leave. Hindi rin ba basic yun? or ako lang marunong umalis sa relationship pag tinatarantado na?”

Alodia replied: “shempre you give second chances and believe na he will change for the better but…. (slightly smiling face emoji).”

Then she changed it to the translated version “Dayna crasbna oui keja caluht lryhlac, drent lryhlac yht pameaja hy ra femm lryhka vun dra paddan pid…. (slightly smiling face emoji).”

Others were quick to assume it pertains to ex-boyfriend Wil Dasovich.

The vlogger is still silent about the matter, though.

Just last month, Alodia got engaged to businessman boyfriend Christopher Quimbo.

Wil, on the other hand, is rumored to be dating actress Carla Humphries.