What’s with this gibberish message Alodia has recently posted?

Published August 13, 2022, 8:52 PM

by MB Technews

By Eli Rabadon

A lot of netizens have been intrigued by what Alodia has recently posted.

Alodia posted on her Facebook wall:
“Synysehk pyfym” eh so bycd namydeuhcreb? Ug, E teth’d ghuf “synysehk pyfym” hy bymy yhk du cmaab fedr udran kenmc cehla 2018 frah oui’na cdemm eh y namydeuhcreb ‘te py pycel myhk oih?

In the comments section, Alodia then posted:
Dpr, E drehg fa yna rybbo fedr uin bnacahd. Sa, E ys. Bmayca cdub icehk uin bycd yc luhdahd.

Alodia posted something that appears to be a coded message. Turns out its a language in Final Fantasy.

Before we decipher what Alodia posted, let me share the past with you. There’s a game called “Final Fantasy X” wherein in that game, there’s a language that’s being used by the Al Bhed race.

The Al Bhed language is a unique language from Final Fantasy X spoken by the Al Bhed. The language largely varies from the English spoken by many other races in Spira. However, it isn’t a language in the true definition of the word. The Al Bhed language is, in reality, a cipher. It is only considered a language because the Japanese version of the game called it the ‘Aru Bedo go,’ which translates to ‘Al Bhed language. Al Bhed Language in Final Fantasy X cannot be deciphered in the beginning. You need to collect the items called “Al Bhed Primer” as the story progresses.

So what does Alodia actually mean in her post?

You can use a tool called English Al Bhed Translator Link: https://stephenw32768.appspot.com/albhed/

Here’s the translated version of what Alodia posted:
“Maraming bawal” in my past relationship? Ok, I didn’t know “maraming bawal” na pala ang to sleep with other girls since 2018 when you’re still in a relationship ‘di ba basic lang yun?

Her comment? Here.
Tbh, I think we are happy with our present. Me, I am. Please stop using our past as content.

Well, that’s it. If celebrities post cryptic messages, ask you tech guys about it. Who knows, maybe we could decipher it for you.