Church balks at Robin Padilla’s Same-Sex Union Bill

Published August 12, 2022, 1:37 PM

by Neil Ramos

Not everyone is happy with actor-turned-senator Robin Padilla filing a bill seeking to institutionalize civil unions of same-sex couples.

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Episcopal Commission on Public Affairs executive secretary Fr. Jerome Secillano on Friday told Dobol B TV, that it is tantamount to “infirmity.”

“Ang ibig kong sabihin ng infirmity, puwede maging violation yan ng religious right din. Ano ba ang karapatan ng isang relihiyon? Na hindi siya puwersahin ng Estado na gumawa ng bagay-bagay na labag sa kanyang paniniwala,” Secillano said.

He went on, “Kailangan malaman natin ano ba ang nilalaman ng panukala ni Senator Robin Padilla kasi possible naman na hindi naman din talaga pinipilit na pati yung mga religious groups ay talaga i-honor yung ganyang panukala.”

In filing Senate Bill 449 or the proposed Civil Unions Act, Padilla noted that the 1987 Constitution did not explicitly mention Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics (SOGIESC) but it does not prohibit or exclude civil partnerships or unions of same-sex couples.

“This proposed measure therefore seeks to recognize the civil union between two persons of the same or opposite sex to be able to enjoy the rights, protection, and privileges afforded in this bill,” Padilla said.

“This representation firmly believes It is high time that the Philippines provides equal rights and recognition for couples of the same sex with no prejudice as to sexual relationships are protected and recognized and given access to basic social protection and security,” he added.