Marcos thanks medical researchers’ efforts to contain Covid-19 pandemic

Published August 11, 2022, 12:48 PM

by Argyll Cyrus Geducos

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. commended the country’s medical researchers, saying even though they were not in the hospitals dealing with Covid-19 cases, they were instrumental in how the Philippines overcame troubling times.

President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. (Noel Pabalate / Manila Bulletin)

Marcos said this as he graced the 15th Philippine National Health Research System Week celebration in Clark, Pampanga, on Thursday, August 11.

In his speech, the President thanked medical researchers for their sacrifices that allowed the government to save many lives during the pandemic.

“Thanks to your sacrifice and the risks you take and all that you have been able to do to help us through this pandemic,” he said.

“It is nothing less than having you (that has) helped to keep millions of people alive. There is nothing more heroic in mind than what you have achieved,” he added.

Marcos, one of the first sufferers of the disease in 2020, said the Philippines was bereft of knowledge about the coronavirus, and the medical researchers’ work allowed the country to start getting back on its feet.

“There was a total lack of information, of knowledge about this new pandemic. And that is why the work… this was all a fruit of your partnership, and it is something that has never been seen before,” he said.

The President, in particular, cited how the researchers developed genome sequencing to follow, identify, and detect the different strains as they came about; and the test kits for the local community.

Marcos further expressed his gratitude to medical researchers and called them “frontliners” even if they were not on the so-called battlefield.

“You cannot say, ‘We are not frontliners.’ You were not in the hospitals; you were not — you were still at the forefront because what information, what data, what research you put together was what was used on the frontlines,” he said.

“The unparalleled commitment of our health researchers to pressing our nation forward for a healthier and safer future is certainly worth our recognition,” he added.

The President likewise lauded the seamless cooperation among different agencies that made the fight against the coronavirus easier.

“A key element of this, the work that you do, is the cooperation that you — the different agencies that have come together and have removed all the barriers in terms of scientific research, of exchange of information, of help in facilities, help in using all of the laboratories so that we are able to maximize our efforts,” he said.

“This has been the key — the key to the successes that you have enjoyed and the successes you will enjoy,” he added.

Meanwhile, President Marcos highlighted the importance of “intellectual humility” that the medical researchers have demonstrated to pursue their noble endeavors.

“You hone your competencies and gain new insights from your fellow practitioners and remain open to new knowledge and ideas,” he said.

“The health crisis we have confronted has exposed how vulnerable we are as a people, and this pushed us to devise efficient responses and the mechanisms given what resources that we had. That is why I believe we continue to remain open to these new ideas and commit to working together,” he added.