Samsung unpacks a new Galaxy to explore

Published August 10, 2022, 11:01 PM

by Jonathan Castillo

First off, this is the time of the year when many of us are expecting the newest Samsung Galaxy Note. However, this year, we don’t get a Note, as evidence shown earlier this year when Samsung introduced three S22 variants – including the S22 Ultra, which is, at its heart, a Note. And yes, it does make sense. A Note is just a bigger, beefier version of a Galaxy S phone, one that comes with this really impressive stylus called the S Pen. Merging these two galaxies together will definitely leave a big void in Samsung’s lineup that needs to be filled up, and those happen to be foldable devices.

As my eulogy for the Galaxy Note concludes, we now let’s move on to juicer bits. During the Samsung Unpacked, the Korean company has unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold4 and the Z Flip4. We also got to check out the newest Galaxy Watch5, the Watch5 Pro, and the Buds2 Pro. 

Galaxy Z Fold4

I do believe foldable devices have a future in the market. Sure, it won’t be for everyone, as it would cater down to a niched group. But I do believe the appeal would grow as more interesting features begin to roll out. 

Fold4 Flex Mode

As of now, the Fold4 stands on its own as a premium smartphone. It has an outer screen, where you can do most of the usual tasks like checking social media, sending messages, making calls, and any other smartphone routine you may have. 

Pry open the Fold4 like a book and you get a bigger display. All this extra space is welcome for work, binge-watching, or playing games on. Beneath the screen is a taskbar, which would allow you to switch between apps at ease. There’s also multitasking features that would allow you work faster without constantly opening and minimizing apps, as well as drag and drop.

The Fold4 features a taskbar to allow faster switching of apps

Partially opening the Fold4, like a laptop, is called Flex Mode. The lower portion of the screen becomes a touchpad, changing utility to match the app. So for instance, you have YouTube on, the lower portion of the screen would let you fast forward or rewind videos. It’s also very important to note, the larger Fold4 screen supports the S Pen.

While the Fold4 supports the S Pen, it does not have a dedicated slot for it. You would need a case that can hold an S Pen. 

It is IPX8, so don’t worry if the Fold4 gets a little rain on it, or a bit of a splash from the pool. It has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

Galaxy Z Flip 4

The Flip4 is adorable. Samsung has pointed out that this is their fashion device, the one they are targeting for people who want to stand out and be stylish. And I have to admit, the Flip4 is an interesting device. Even my wife is now ready to retire her Note 20 Ultra in favor of the Z Flip4.

With my limited time with these devices, I liked the feel of the Flip4 most. The matte texture feels nice to hold. The outer screen can be used for camera selfies and has several options to let you get creative with your shots. This outer screen, besides checking for notifications, you can use it to answer calls and add widgets. 

When you flip open the device, it looks really cool. If you put it in Flex Mode, it carries out the same function as the Fold4, where you can use the lower half of the screen as a touchpad. Though the Flip4 does not support an S Pen. I’ve tried it myself and pouted at the results.

Like the Fold4, the Flip4 is IPX8 and said to be capable of 200,000 flips. Personally, unlike the Fold4, I can see people will be flipping open the Flip4 more often than 10 times a day, in order to access frequently used apps. 

For BTS fans out there, it comes in purple.

Galaxy Watch5, Watch5, and the Buds2 Pro

Of course, we’re getting other devices too.

Samsung touts the Galaxy Watch5 as the device for anyone who wants to constantly monitor their health. This watch features sleep monitoring and sleep reports, detects snores, measures blood oxygen, and women’s health. Since there is a strong focus on sleep, Samsung added a Sleep Coach feature, where the Watch5 will provide health recommendations on how to improve your sleep.

On the other hand, the Watch5 Pro is for outdoor activities. It features route tracking, which can help you navigate your way through locations and help you find your way back. It even has a turn-by-turn voice guide, so you don’t have to keep looking at your wrists every five seconds. 

The Watch5 Pro lasts up to 24 hours with the GPS enabled. If the GPS is disabled, the Watch5 Pro can go up to 80 hours, according to Samsung.

There will be two sizes for the Watch5 Pro, 40mm and 45mm.

And then we have the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. The first Galaxy Buds was one of the best earbuds I have tried on. It is comfortable, the audio is solid, and very easy to use.

Now the Buds2 Pro is here and has 40 percent improved active noise cancellation. It has ambient mode, which automatically switches out from its ANC mode whenever someone speaks. That sounds great and I am personally interested to try how that works in public spaces. 

On top of that, the Buds2 Pro can easily connect to multiple Samsung devices. It can even switch from phone to TV and vice versa. 

And that wraps up Samsung Unpack. Stay tuned for full reviews of each of these devices!