Legalize motorcycle taxis, group urges lawmakers

A transport advocacy group urged lawmakers to prioritize bills that seek to legalize motorcycle taxis as the move will help commuters cope with the current transportation crisis.

In a statement, The Passenger Forum convener Primo Morillo said motorcycle taxis promises to provide a much-needed supply of public transport options at a time when there is an apparent deficit as some operators and drivers decided to stop hitting the road as a result of the series of big-time oil price hikes.

He said the measure became law in the 18th Congress through the efforts of almost 20 congressmen and Senate Public Services Committee Chair Grace Poe.

Morillo explained that the said proposal will also help the government’s job generation program without costing the government anything while widening the government’s tax base.

“We’ve also read and we support Senator JV Ejercito’s SB167. We hope the 19th Congress will act swiftly as commuters need all the help we can get with the current situation of our public transport,” said Morillo.

“The legalization of MC taxis will help the economy over-all. Commuting workers will get to their places of work faster, thousands of riders will have jobs, and the government will receive the taxes from all these transactions,” he added.

Meanwhile the group also welcomes Grab PH’s acquisition of Move It calling the deal a “step towards a more competitive market.”

“This is a welcome move as it strengthens competition among the three players in the motorcycle taxi study. We are hoping that more players will come in so they will all compete to offer better rates, service, and promotions. Commuters always prefer having choices so long as this is done in compliance with current regulations,” said Morillo.