Bea Alonzo is Diwata in int’l film

Published August 5, 2022, 5:57 PM

by Neil Ramos

Not everyone agrees with Lolit Solis relating to Bea Alonzo’s looks.

These include producers of “1521: The Battle of Mactan,” a film with a multinational cast to be shot in Palawan.

In there, Bea is Diwata, a character described as a young native princess with goddess-like beauty.

Of course. Why not?

American actor Hector David Jr. who plays her love interest in the film, seemingly approves too.

The “Power Rangers” star appears to have been smitten by Bea’s charms.

Posting a photo of him with Bea on Instagram page, he wrote, “Pinch me, I think I dreaming. (Bea Alonzo), such a beautiful soul.”

Producer Francis Lara Ho shared a picture on Facebook of the cast as taken during a recent press conference.

Apart from Bea and Hector, seen there are Danny Trejo, Costas Mandylor, Michael Copon and Maricel Laxa.

According to Palawan-based radio station DYPR Palawan’s Twitter post “1521: The Battle of Mactan” is slated for release June 12, next year.