How to curate lush landscapes at home in Rockwell South at Carmelray

Published July 31, 2022, 7:39 PM

by Manila Bulletin

Now, more than ever, homebuyers are in search of communities with an abundance of open spaces and lush greenscapes. They realize its benefits—clean air, a peaceful atmosphere, and the tranquil ambience that promotes wellbeing of the body and calmness of the mind. Who wouldn’t want to experience this on a daily basis?

As a developer, Rockwell Land understands this need and has incorporated green areas even in its condominium communities like Rockwell Center and The Grove. This takes on a larger scale at Rockwell South at Carmelray, its high-end horizontal development in Calamba, Laguna.  This exclusive community offers more than enough space for one to fully enjoy the benefits of indoor and outdoor living.

Homeowners at Rockwell Carmelray can curate their own lush outdoor areas.

Within the community are eight recreational parks spread across the estate, which complement the spacious residential lots that range from 300 to 1,000 square meters. In these lots, homeowners can find inspiration from the community’s well-designed landscapes and curate their own lush greenery at home.

Behind the quintessential Rockwell landscapes is Jacko Zialcita, Assistant Vice President for Project Development.  “In building a home, it is equally important to consider one’s outdoor areas apart from the indoor structure. Lots at Rockwell South at Carmelray have enough space for one to curate a garden or create a recreational area,” says Zialcita. “Curated outdoor areas give more opportunities to homeowners to have additional family activities. They can build a swimming pool, host barbeque parties, or grow organic produce. The options are endless, and these add value to one’s home. At the same time, it teaches all of us how to appreciate  the outdoors.”  

Arch. Jacko Zialcita, Rockwell Land AVP for Project Development.

Zialcita stresses the importance of considering the sun’s orientation. “By knowing this, you will be able to plan the ideal design for your outdoor areas. Trees can be used to give shade and privacy. The soil condition is also a  factor on how your plants will grow in the garden so a soil test analysis will help, too.”

After identifying these factors, homeowners can begin choosing the plants to use with their spaces. Some tree species to consider are the Coral Tree, Malabulak, Putat, Katmon, Ilang Ilang, Kamagong, and Palawan Cherry. Palm Trees, Coconut Trees, and Date Palm Trees are also viable options. For shrubs, Zialcita recommends Kamuning, Silver Pandakaki, Dapu, Bangkok Scheffelera, and Giant Ferns.

To care for these trees and greens, Zialcita advises homeowners to take note of weather patterns. “During the summer months, focus more on watering during the early morning or early evening. While during wet months, focus on pruning the trees and shrubs. Together with these two seasons, aeration, mulching, pest control, and fertilization activities must be programmed and scheduled.”

Once all of these are in place, landscape maintenance is made sustainable by utilizing drip irrigation, water recycling, applying pruning programs to lessen water needs, and using the right soil composition. 

Rockwell South at Carmelray sets itself apart with how it takes  full advantage of the open space, even encouraging future homeowners to bring that greenery inside their own property.  It  was designed to integrate nature into every aspect of the community, with sprawling grounds, a network of wide roads and walkways shaded by trees, a refreshing waterway tucked into the design of the main spine road, pocket parks and trails, and an expansive amenity complex.

This lifestyle is not “far” as others may perceive it to be. In fact, moving to the South for some peace and quiet doesn’t mean moving away from modern conveniences. Rockwell Carmelray is surrounded by schools, hospitals, churches, and retail establishments, and  is also close to lifestyle hubs and leisure centers. With five exits to the South Luzon Expressway and the Cavite-Laguna Expressway, the community is also even more accessible to Metro Manila.

Lot owners will surely find an ideal lifestyle here as they begin building their homes,  and allow them to savor the green landscape which promotes peace of mind and wellness of the spirit. Once they enter the community, they can already start creating wonderful memories with their family for years to come. For more information on Rockwell South at Carmelray, visit, or its social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.