Family onboard van avoids rockslide, survives magnitude-7 quake in Abra

Published July 31, 2022, 12:56 PM

by MB Provincial Desk

A family from Abra onboard a van survived the magnitude-7 earthquake Wednesday, July 27, by the skin of their teeth.

A video uploaded by Loreto Buenafe Cabarrubias on Facebook Sunday, July 31, showed that he and his family were on a van negotiating a rural road in Abra with a car ahead and a motorcycle behind them when the earthquake struck.

Their 23-second dashcam video showed the ground violently shaking at 8:43 a.m., the time when the earthquake hit the province and Northern Luzon.

Cabarrubias slowed down just in time and avoided a rockslide. A large rock along with several smaller ones blocked their path.

“Agginggined (earthquake),” Cabarrubias can be heard saying as the earth shook. His wife said, “Kaasiannakami, Apo (Have mercy on us Lord).”

The car infront of the Cabarrubias also avoided the rockslide and stopped to wait for the shaking to subside.

Other than the shock they had, Cabarrubias’ family was relatively safe.

He thanked God for saving their lives.

“Vilma, Klyde, Andrei and I are living witnesses of His saving grace. Ti kararuak idaydayawnaka o Apo, ta iti dayta a gin-gined ti pamilyak insalakanmo. Yaman ken rag-o aglaplapusanan iti kaunggan ti puso iti naited nga gundaway nga agbiag pay laeng ta makainom iti tobayto. Nakakaskasdaaw, o Apo, ti panagayat ken panangisalakanmo (My soul honors you my God that you saved my family from the earthquake. I thank You from the bottom from my heart for giving us the chance to live. Your love and saving grace Lord are amazing),” he said.

Netizens praised God for saving the Cabarrubias.

“God is good all the time,” another one said.