Robin files his first 20 bills; find out what they are

Published July 8, 2022, 9:05 AM

by Mario Casayuran

Rookie Senator Robin Padilla said Friday, July 8 that he would put his heart and time on the 20 bills he has so far filed in the 24-member Senate.

‘’Federalism is among our priority measures, addressing the needs of our brothers in Mindanao, as well as our senior citizens, and fellow workers in the film industry,’’ Padilla, a movie actor and director, said.

Padilla will chair of the Senate Constitutional Amendments Committee, and Public Information and Mass Media Committee in the upcoming 19th Congress.

‘’We’ve also filed some resolutions that push for our priority advocacies in the Senate,’’ he said.

A Muslim, Padilla’s measures include a ‘’Resolution on the creation of the Congress-Parliamentary Bangsamoro Forum’’ and ‘’Resolution on the Appointment of the Marawi Compensation Board”.

He also filed a ‘’Resolution on Joint Exploration of West Philippine Sea’’and ‘’Inclusion of Philippine History in High School Curriculum”.

Other bills filed by Padilla include ‘’Equal Use of Languages Act’’, ‘’Suspension of Excise Tax’’, ‘’Medical Cannabis Compassionate Access Act’’, ‘’Amending the Rice Tariffication Act’’, ‘’Regionalization of Bilibid Prisons’’, ‘’Mandatory Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Act’’, ‘and “Divorce Act of the Philippines”.