VIRAL: Daughter surprises parents, graduates with honors

Published July 5, 2022, 10:53 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Netizens were so touched by her effort

When only child Audrey P. Almontero, 22 years old, posted in her TikTok account a video of how she surprised her parents that she was graduating as a cum laude, little did she know that it would go viral. With over 450,000 views, the one-minute-and-seventeen-second video touched many viewers, aside from her parents businessman Arnold Almontero and pharmacist Leonila Almontero.

Audrey P. Almontero with her parents

Almontero wasn’t really after getting honors, but “I felt pressured to do well with my studies when I got my first dean’s lister certificate.” Her parents knew that she was a dean’s lister every semester, giving them a gut feel that Almontero might make receive Latin Honors by the time she graduated. “I kept denying it, saying that I knew that my GWA won’t be high enough to qualify for Latin Honors.” But her mother didn’t believe her, asking Almontero if she was going to surprise them. She just brushed it off, avoiding the question.

The original plan was to share the great news to her parents on Father’s Day, but the school’s administration announced that there were some students who might get cut from the list. Once she got the confirmation, she thought of the idea of vlogging it. “I was really hoping that my emotional mother would cry, and I thought the best way to do that would be minutes before our graduation.”

“After the surprise, my mom was very emotional as you can see in the video, she couldn’t stop crying even after I left. My dad had a slightly different reaction, because he was just staring at the ribbon I gave them. My mom told me that after I left, he cried. When we got to the condo after the graduation, he cried again,” she tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. As for her, “I felt mixed emotions. I was relieved, happy, emotional, excited, and everything in between! I was able to surprise them, and their reactions were more than what I envisioned.”

When asked how her parents helped her in this journey, the BS Pharmacy graduate’s parents shares, “Do not pressure your children. Inspire them and help them realize that they are not defined by their grades. Be there for them, and allow them to show their emotions, especially when they are having a hard time. Be there for them and make them feel safe to tell you what is going on in their lives. And pray for them, you are not always with them and it is calming to know that someone is watching and protecting them.”

Almontero also shared some comments, over 678 of them, that were touching.
“Congrats po! Nakakataba talaga ng puso nai-honor yung mga magulang sa mga bagay na achieve natin.”
Definitely on of my top favorite reaction! I have always dedicated my achievements to my parents, because they are the reason I do well in my studies.

Si nanay umiiyak, si tatay masaya lang na may ribbon siya hahaha.”
Top comment! It’s true that my mom was very worried because she thought she was just going to sit in the audience that’s why she didn’t dressed and dolled up and my dad was a little stunned to really speak and he just showed his emotions when we got home.

Ayan, tatlo na tayo umiiyak.”
This made me laugh and emotional at the same time because a lot of people are commenting that I made them cry. Even though it wasn’t my goal, it felt nice that I touched people’s heart somehow.