K-pop boy band ENHYPEN talks about new album ‘Manifesto: Day 1’

Published July 5, 2022, 8:16 AM

by Jonathan Hicap

K-pop boy band ENHYPEN released their new album “Manifesto: Day 1” on July 4, six months after dropping their repackaged first studio album “Dimension: Answer” last January.

“Manifesto: Day 1” contains six tracks: the lead single “Future Perfect (Pass the Mic)”, “Walk the Line,” “ParadoXXX Invasion,” “TFW (That Feeling When),” “Shout Out” and “Foreshadow.”

ENHYPEN at their media showcase for the album “Manifesto: Day 1” on July 4 (Belift Lab)

ENHYPEN at their media showcase for the album “Manifesto: Day 1” on July 4 (Belift Lab)

ENHYPEN at their media showcase for the album “Manifesto: Day 1” on July 4 (Belift Lab)

“Future Perfect (Pass the Mic)” is a Chicago Drill hip-hop track, a relatively unfamiliar genre within the K-pop scene.

As ENHYPEN’s first lead single without a hyphen (-), the song sets out to redefine their idea of “connection” as they begin to create their own future ahead.

To mark the release of the new album, ENHYPEN held their media showcase at the Centennial Hall of Yonsei University Sinchon Campus in Seoul on July 4.

“These past six months have been the longest break for us since our debut. During the time, all the members have prepared so hard for so many good ideas,” said Sunoo.

Sunghoon said, “I am the host for a music show and when I saw the other artists’ performances I could not wait for us to come back to show you our performances. I am so glad to be here with our new album.”

“Thank you for waiting patiently for our comeback,” said Ni-ki.

Jake said, “We are back with our third EP ‘Manifesto: Day 1’ and we have worked so hard to show you a different side of us so please look forward to it.”

According to Jungwon, their new album “is about the story of boys where they question the concept of success. Our bold resolutions to live our lives, our own will without being swayed by the world is expressed in different genres of music.”

During their break from their first studio album “Dimension: Answer” and “Manifesto: Day 1,” ENHYPEN members were busy with group and solo activities.

Sunoo said, “We filmed our in-house content while preparing for the album and we also did our Japanese promotion activities so it was a busy, jampacked break.”

“I spent a lot of time on self-improvement. I received guitar lessons,” said Jake.

When asked what their new album means to them, Heeseung said, “Growth. I think by trying this unfamiliar genre called ‘drill’ and trying rap for the first time, we have grown one step further.”

“Just like our album name, ‘Manifesto,’ is the best word for our new album,” said Sunghoon.

About their lead single “Future Perfect (Pass the Mic)”, Jay said it “is also a song that contains the desire to be a hero,” adding that it is their “bold resolution and determination to prove that we deserve to be loved by our skills and capabilities and also use our power not only for ourselves but for others as well.”

When they were asked how they feel about meeting their fans, the ENGENEs, in person for the first time through the new album, Ni-ki said, “Recently, we had the chance to perform live and in-person in front of 40,000 people in Germany. The energy and the sound that we could only feel in person were incredible. It made us even more excited during the performance. So it’s certainly more exciting to see ENGENEs in person for this album promotion.”