Integrated Monorail System to boost property values in MOA Complex

Published July 3, 2022, 10:18 AM

by Johannes Chua

A lot of business experts have advised that the best form of investment is on a property, wherever that piece of land or home may be located, as these always have “returns” in one way or another—from passive rent income to resell value at a higher price after a few years. While this may be true, it is not enough to just invest “anywhere.” 

In these challenging times, however, your hard-earned money for investment should go to projects and properties that are near a good transport network, more so one that will be located near a mass transport system. Your home should not only provide convenience and accessibility to places for work, education, and leisure, but also one that allows you to start a sustainable, green lifestyle.

One of the most exciting projects to emerge that is highly anticipated by the business community is the Integrated Monorail System, one that will connect the corner of EDSA and Taft Avenue to Diokno Boulevard in Pasay City.  According to a statement from the Department of Transportation (DOTr), this project will be “integrated and will be interoperable with several modes of transport, including LRT-1, MRT-3, EDSA Busway, and EDSA Greenways.”

The Integrated Monorail in Pasay will provide a comfortable, safe, reliable, and sustainable ride to commuters.

The project, a partnership of the DOTr, Pasay City government, and SM Group, will be a world-class monorail with a central station located at the present SM Mall of Asia globe, the iconic structure. Like other monorails in the world such as the Sentosa Express in Singapore, the Kuala Lumpur Monorail, and the Okinawa Urban Monorail, this Monorail System in Pasay is expected to boost economic activity in its path, especially surrounding its future stations.  

This early, investors are keen to snap up properties located in the Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex, dubbed as one of the hottest investment hotspots in the Metro. In fact, the properties of SM Development Corporation (SMDC) stand to benefit the most as their capital values will drastically increase due to the positive impact of this integrated transport system.

SMDC’s Shell Residences provides a luxurious lifestyle and experience.

This redounds to homeowners and investors of SMDC properties such as Sea Residences, Sail Residences, Shore Residences, Shell Residences, S Residences, or Ice Tower Residential Offices as their units will always have high-value tenants (if they rent it out) and their investment today is guaranteed to reap good returns in the future.

If it is your home, then you have the easiest access to all of life’s conveniences — schools, hospitals, and banks are nearby; shopping and dining options are so vast led by the SM Mall of Asia and IKEA; the best of entertainment and leisure can be experienced at the MOA Arena, SMX Convention Center, and various hotels such as Conrad Hotel.  

Right across the Integrated Monorail System, SMDC’s Ice Tower Residential Offices is the perfect community that offers the comforts of a luxury home and the essentials of a working environment.

One positive effect of this monorail system is the economic activity that it would generate. Jobs will be provided to Filipinos from its construction phase to operation. Opportunities will also abound as more businesses in the area mean more employed Filipinos. Plus, foreign investors will give the country a second look, seeing the success story that this monorail would generate in the future.

More importantly, this monorail will also help homeowners live a sustainable lifestyle. Why? Because first and foremost, a monorail is a safe, secure, and sustainable transport, as it will help reduce the carbon emission of vehicles. You don’t need to drive or ride a jeep to reach the MOA Complex as various stops of the monorail will bring you close to where you need to be. The monorail also helps cut the humongous challenge of traffic congestion as it will serve as a central platform providing access to other railway systems in the Metro.

With all the benefits brought forth by this monorail project, homeowners in that area of Pasay up to the MOA Complex will stand to benefit the most.  It will not only save their time which used to be wasted in traffic congestion, but they can also save money.

So, if you are looking for an investment destination for your money, hard-earned from years of working here or toiling abroad, then look no further than the path where the Integrated Monorail System would run. This area, especially the MOA Complex, is guaranteed to be a magnet for business opportunities, income potential, and future growth. You wouldn’t want to miss living in this area or having at least some form of investment for a stable continuous income.