Galaxy Racer, Inclusively yours

Published July 3, 2022, 5:41 PM

by MB Technews

Written by Jun P. Velasco

Kitz Cua loves cosplay. Bringing to life, the beloved characters in League of Legends started a passion project that found its way to TikTok, Twitch, and millions of followers. Now, Kitz is one of the many inclusive talents of Galaxy Racer.

Galaxy Racer

Galaxy Racer (GXR), a Transmedia Powerhouse leading the way in esports, content creation, music, and sports, also shows how to lead and cultivate a culture of inclusion. With thousands of team members spread out across the globe, from members of the organization to esports teams to content creators, GXR is indeed a community of diversity.

The world is evolving into a generation with more younger people than ever in our history. And this younger generation is inherently inclusive as opposed to any other generation before it. Their worldview is more expansive as the information channels are wide open, and communication is no longer bordered and limited. It is the internet age, and open-mindedness falls under a fresher and broader definition.

This generational evolution has created a new breed of information sources that we now commonly refer to as content creators. They dominate the online sphere, from social media platforms to websites, blogs, and vlogs. Each has something unique to offer, and their uniqueness has spurred a fanatical following that is admirable in many ways.

GXR Creators is proud to be collaborating with notable creators like Kitz Cua, Yna Magenda, and Kristine Santamena. With millions of followers across different platforms, these creators clearly set themselves apart from other weekend creators.

We begin with the story of Kitz Cua, a cosplayer who’s got game.

Kitz Cua

As a content creator, she found her home in TikTok and Twitch, where she feels very comfortable creating content and has successfully nurtured a friendly and supportive community. Cua shares, “I used to do cosplay videos where I lip-sync to a song or do a dance, but it did not do well. I decided to showcase transitioning from my usual self to a character with my video editing style, which worked well.”

She also livestreams playing Wild Rift and shares, “With Wild Rift, I get to enjoy the game and the interaction with my followers. The streaming community is so tight-knit that almost everyone knows everyone, and I have made many genuine friends.” Her love for interacting with her followers is why she continues to stream. Cua finds real-time interaction heartwarming.

She believes her strength as a player is not due to her skills or game knowledge but more about having a good mentality, enjoying the games, and sharing the enjoyment with the people watching her play and the ones she gets to play with.

She summarizes her experience with other players as admirable, as players are “humble in victory, gracious in defeat.”

“Kitz is just one of the many creators we support,” according to Marcia Guillermo, Galaxy Racer’s country manager. “Our pool of creators is beloved by their followers, and we feel our collaboration with them will create an ecosystem that benefits everyone, the creators, their followers, the industry, and the brands we bring in as partners.”